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Horizon's Personal Hydrogen Storage Device to Be Unveiled at CES 2010


A personal hydrogen station for home use will be unveiled by Horizon at the CES 2010. The device, called the “Horizon Hydrofill“, manages to extract hydrogen from its own water tank and to store it in solid form in small refillable cartridges, by pluging it into the wall socket, connecting a solar panel or a small-sized wind turbine to it.

By containing metallic alloys that absorb hydrogen into their crystaline structure and releasing it back at low pressures, these small storage devices dismiss any concerns abut hydrogen storage at high pressure.

The method creates the highest volumetric energy density of any form of hydrogen storage. These cartridges have the capacity to carry more energy, have a lower price than conventional batteries and do not carry heavy metals,  harmful for the environment.

Besides making new fuel cell products available, the refueling device provides a lower cost, scalable and consumer-centric hydrogen supply model, thus eliminating the dependence on large scale fueling infrastructure investments. One more mention: Horizon introduced the Hydrocar Fuel Cell Toy Car in 2007.

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