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How to Increase The Fuel Efficiency of Any Car


eco-drivingEarlier this week The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) initiated a campaign, which encourages eco-friendly driving. By providing various green driving tips, the organizers hope to help drivers reduce fuel consumption and get closer to the official miles per gallon (MPG), reported by the automakers.

Some of the best efficient driving techniques outlined by the manufacturers include limiting the use of air conditioning, servicing the vehicles on regular basis and even attending a course on efficient driving.

The SMMT estimated that if drivers follow the basic principles of eco-driving, their fuel expenditures can be reduced with up to 20%.

Although reaching the laboratory-tested MPGs is almost impossible, making a few small changes in driving behavior could not only cut costs, but also reduce significantly the amount of carbon emissions.

So here are some of the fuel efficiency tips to green driving!

1. Plan your trips and multitask

Planning your trips in advance allows you to accomplish multiple tasks with only one trip.

2.  Reduce the load

The bigger the weight of the car, the higher the loss of kinetic energy, hence go for the lightest car, which fits your needs.

3. Do not fill up or completely empty your gas tank

Keep in mind, 10 gallons of fuel adds 60 pounds of weight. And in case the fuel runs low, putting stress on the fuel pump helps.

4. Drive slower

It is well known that speeding reduces fuel efficiency. The faster you drive, the harder the engine has to work.

5. Make use of the cruise control

Cruise control helps you maintain a constant speed, which reduces fuel consumption. Use it as often as possible.

6. Don’t be lead-footed

Now this technique is obvious to most. What isn’t so obvious is that any engine has its sweet spot, somewhere where torque and power meet and if you keep it there it’ll do its best. Most of the time, this translates to “don’t accelerate too hard, but nor too slow.” You have to do your best to find our, it depends on the car and its fuel.

7. Plan your route

Make sure the routes you take have as few turns and as little traffic as possible.

8. Avoid breaking

If you drive at a constant speed, you avoid acceleration and breaking. In this way, you can ensure that energy from already burnt fuel is not wasted.

9. Inflate tires properly

Fuel consumption can be reduced with up to 3% if the tires are properly inflated.

10. Reduce idling

Minimizing idling ensures reduction in wasted fuel.

Happy Green Driving!

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