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Top 10 Great Green Inventions By Teenagers


frontTeenagers‘ minds work in mysterious ways. Because they are always flooded with ideas, in most cases they drive parents to silent insanity. However in the occasions when enthusiasm is coupled with creativity and feel for science and concerns for the environment, the youngsters are capable of inventing the most incredible technologies.

The other day, Inhabitat made a small compilation of the greatest green inventions by teenagers that can transform our planet to a much better and greener place – we took it and linked each of them to a story we wrote at the time, so you can read more about each. Enjoy!

11. Ocean Cleanup Array

19-year-old Boyan Slat designed a cleanup array, which can remove all garbage from the world’s oceans in 5 years.

22. Catalyst Turning Plastic Into Biofuel

16-year-old Azza Abdel Hamid Faiad found a catalyst, which could turn waste plastic into biofuel worth $78 million.


3. Pee-powered Energy Generator

Four 14- and 15-year old girls from Nigeria created a renewable energy generator, which could provide energy for six hours using 1 liter of urine.

44. Quantum Space Propulsion System

19-year-old Aisha Mustafa created the system, which could send a rocket in space using only a drop of fuel.

55. Solar Tree Design

13-year-old Aidan Dwyer utilized Fibonacci sequence to produce a solar tree design, which generates up to 50% more power than an equivalent flat solar array.

66. Bioplastics From Banana Peel

16-year-old Elif Bilgin from Turkey managed to turn waste banana peel into non-decaying bioplastic through a self-developed chemical process.

77. Device Charges Mobiles In 20 seconds

18-year-old Eesha Khare developed an energy storage device that can last for 100,000 charge cycles and fit within a cell phone battery.

88. Solar Water Purification System 

14-year-old Deepika Kurup invented a purification system powered by solar energy in her own backyard. The idea for the invention was triggered by seeing Indian children drinking from a pool of stagnant water.

99. Homemade Nuclear Fusion Reactor

16-year-old Conrad Farnsworth built a nuclear fusion reactor in his garage, making him one of the only 60 people in the world, who were able to build a successful nuclear fusion reactor.

1010. Cheap and Safe Fission Reactor 

19-year-old Taylor Wilson designed a cheap and safe modular fission reactor with a 30-year fuel life and very low usage cost.

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