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How To Make Your Own Wind Generator


I recently found a PDF describing a step by step method, with pictures, of how to make your own wind-powered free energy to power something up: a light bulb, your TV, laptop, or a small device. Or even charge a battery to light your house during the nights. Here it is. Enjoy!

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  1. Another site for this type of information is otherpower.com. They seem very knowledgable and have made several mills from scratch.

  2. i liked that page alot, they went into explicit detail on how to build there generator… i attempted to do the same thing but for some reason i my coils are not producing anythin. ive got a ac meter to test them.. before i used mounting brackets to to rap my coils around, an they were individualy producin like200, 300 milliamps, it ain much but its alot better them 1 milliamp that my new coils are producin now lol.. i dont know i was wondern if u had ne tips to help me out man, if so get at me id appreciate it..


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