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Hy9 and Altergy May Mainstream Hydrogen Fuel Cells


Hy9 and Altergy have announced a 3-year partnership and distribution agreement to develop and market a new integrated fuel processor for Altergy’s Freedom Power fuel cell system. Hy9 develops hydrogen systems and purifiers and Altergy develops proton exchange membrane (PEM) fuel cells, potentially making this partnership very successful and appealing to multiple industries.

Both companies plan to market each other’s systems under the distribution agreement and expect the partnership to bolster, if not mainstream, growing interest in hydrogen fuel cells.

Hy9’s HGS platform generates 99% pure on- demand hydrogen. Altergy’s hydrogen fuel cells will collaborate with the system in areas where stored hydrogen is not available. Hy9 assists integration into Altergy’s fuel cells systems, making process highly attractive, not least of which is the telecommunications industry.

One of the biggest supporters of hydrogen fuel, the telecommunications industry employs hydrogen fuel to keep mobile networks operating during its network modernization. Even Amazon and eBay, with huge data centers that require massive amounts of energy, use hydrogen fuel cells to keep servers in operation at low cost while eliminating the need for fossil fuels.

If this partnership is successful, Hy9 and Altergy expect to generate mainstream interest in the viability of hydrogen fuel cells and plan to introduce this technology to new markets.

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