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Hyundai Bringing New EV to US Within 3 years


hyundai-blueon-628Another major auto manufacturer looks to be wading into the western EV market, with Hyundai noting during the Washington Auto show that they are developing a new eclectic vehicle which will roll out in the United States within 3 years.

Michael O’Brien, the VP of corporate and product planning, made a remark about a compact-class EV they are working on during the unveiling of their Tucson Fuel Cell CUV, and in doing so, stoking the interest of the electric vehicle community.

Questions naturally ensued.

O’Brien responded by saying, “It will be a new product, that’s all we can say right now. It will be within the next three years. Not a firm production date, but soon.”

Although Hyundai is looking further down the line and investing a greater share of their cash in hydrogen technology, the American market is growing for EV, and as consumers become less anxious about range issues and other potential problems with adopting an electric mode of transportation, Hyundai must capitalize on the opportunity presented by getting in the game on US soil.

The more competition, the better.

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