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Hyundai FCV Fuel Cell Car To Be Launched 3 Years Earlier Than Toyota's


Fuel cell cars have just begun to show up shyly, and the competition is already high in this field. Toyota, who announced a $50,000 price tag on their first hydrogen fuel cell car, is being beaten by Hyundai, who announced their first fuel cell vehicle three years earlier than Toyota and the other automakers. Or, at least their plans sounded like this so far.

2012, that is. Hyundai already has plans to build 10,000 units by 2015, when all the others will only have made the first deliveries. 1,000 units are planned to be shipped in 2013, and will mainly go to fleets and similar buyers. They will only deliver 500 fuel cell vehicles during 2012.

The technology that Hyundai wants to use for the hydrogen tanks has not yet been unveiled.

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