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Hyundai’s Hydrogen Car Sets New Land-Speed Record


The hydrogen powered Hyundai Tucson set a new land speed record.A new record was just set for hydrogen fuel cell-powered land speed. The Hyundai Tucson Fuel Cell, which is available in the United States, set the record at the Soggy Dry Lake Bed in California. The top speed? 152.24 kilometers per hour, or approximately 94 miles per hour.

It may not sound fast, but it’s the fastest speed reached by a hydrogen fueled car. Hydrogen, as a fuel, is seen as a solution for helping to create a clean future for vehicle power.

Hyundai’s hydrogen car used in the test is one of the first mass-produced models to use hydrogen. In California, one of the most green-friendly states, there are nearly 100 currently in use. With clean vehicles still a niche product, this is a significant figure. In order to help drivers with ownership costs, Hyundai will cover the cost of maintenance for these vehicles.

The fuel cells essentially replace the battery pack in a conventional car setup in Hyundai’s hydrogen car. Hydrogen is converted to electricity; water and oxygen are the only byproducts from the process. The electricity generated powers the electric motor, which in turn power the wheels, and the vehicle.

On top of setting a land speed record, Hyundai was pleased at the vehicle’s durability and practicality. The hydrogen fueled car was able to handle the rough terrain to get to the testing area. This particular model can also go the distance; the Tucson can drive up to 425 kilometers, with the fuel consumption rate similar to that of a conventional vehicle. While you may not be able to pull into your nearest gas station to fill up, Hyundai also provides unlimited, complementary hydrogen, in order to keep your vehicle running.

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