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IMA Colibri Electric Vehicle Already has 700 Pre-Orders

IMA Colibri Personal Electric Vehicle
IMA Colibri Personal Electric Vehicle

The tiny single-seater electric vehicle has only been shown a couple of times at the auto shows, and isn’t even in production yet, but the company has already received over 700 pre-orders!

The IMA (Innovative Mobility Automobile) Colibri, translated as “hummingbird” in a number of languages, is a fitting name for the tiny electric vehicle that actually classes smaller than subcompact. The only way this Colibri could deserve its name even more would be if it could hover and fly backwards. Maybe that’ll be a future option. The Colibri still has four wheels, so it doesn’t quite class as an enclosed motorcycle, but is still smaller than a Smart ForTwo Electric Drive. The 6.5kWh lithium-iron phosphate (LiFePO4) battery is good for just shy of 70 miles and up to 75mph. The 24kW electric motor can propel the vehicle up to 60mph in just ten seconds.

The IMA Colibri personal electric vehicle includes such features as dual wing doors, depending on which side of the car you need to get out of in a cramped parking space, European NCAP (New Car Assessment Program) crash-worthiness, and a central touchscreen control panel. Surprisingly, the Colibri even has a hatchback, for access to the trunk, a total of 180ℓ (6.4ft3)storage space or, according to IMA, one bag and two crates. Finally, despite its small size, the Colibri is expected to be comfortable for drivers up to 195cm (6’5”).

On top of all this, the compact electric vehicle starts out less than 10,000€ (<$13,750). In spite of the fact that IMA hasn’t gone to any great lengths to market the vehicle, the Colibri has generated such a buzz (sorry), on its own, that more than 700 pre-orders have already come in on the website. Between corporate and private pre-orders, which are split about 50/50, the entire 2015 planned production run is already sold out. IMA plans for the Colibri to be produced as high as 17,000units/yr and, judging from initial interest, could be a popular model for years to come.

Image © IMA

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