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Impact of Methane Emissions On Climate Understated


fracking oil pumpThe impact of methane as a greenhouse gas has been severely understated, as the amount that can be released through fracking has been projected for an 100-year period.

Considering that emitted methane can last in the environment for just over eight years, governmental decisions about shale gas exploration have been highly criticised. Politicians are said to use the “100 year” accounting trick only to hide the real impact of their decisions on the environment.

The harsh truth is that if no action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions is taken in the coming decade, the rates of occurrence of natural disasters and high temperatures will reach irreversible numbers.

The impact of climate change as a result of human activities is already visible. Many ecosystems have disappeared due to raising temperatures, thousands of lives are already lost as a consequence of extreme weather events, and millions are being displaced every year due their inability to cope with harsh climate conditions.

It is very unlikely that the U.S., among others, reaches the set carbon emission targets for 2020.

There is a clear need of acting now, reducing emissions to minimum, turn to non-CO2 producing power sources, increase the use of renewables, change climate policies and do this in the next decade, maximum two. Setting goals and establishing emission savings for the next 100 years, is just a way to avoid the problem and hope that somebody else will deal with it.

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