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India: Bellandur Lake Catches Fire Due to Pollution


Polluted lake catches fire

An event belonging more to the fictional city of Ankh-Morpork (Discworld fans anyone?) India’s Bellandur Lake recently caught on fire.

The lake, which has been covered in several feet of toxic foam for several weeks now caught fire last Friday and burned for most of the night. It is believed the fire began due to a buildup of methane. Under the foam (which gives the lake the idyllic appearance of snow despite its toxicity) the water is black; full of untreated chemical waste and sewerage.

In another blow for the lake the wetland system that helped filter the slurry somewhat has been destroyed by development.

“These wetlands used to act as purifiers. But all such wetlands surrounding the lake have been encroached and there is no place for natural purification. Hence the pollution at these lakes is uncontrollable,” stated an officer from the local pollution control board, who wished to remain anonymous.

As well as the constant threat of a lake fire (a sentence which really should never be written) residents have reported allergic reactions to the chemical cocktail including burning sensations. The toxic foam swelled to a height of 12 feet during recent rains and there is no word on when (or how) the mess will be cleaned up, however officials admit that there is little to be done until the construction of two Sewage Treatment Plants are completed nearby.

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