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Induct Navia – Autonomous Electric Vehicle for “Last-Mile Mobility”

All-In-One - Electric Vehicle, Autonomous Drive, WIreless Charging
All-In-One – Electric Vehicle, Autonomous Drive, WIreless Charging

The Induct Navia combines all the modern technologies, autonomous drive, electric vehicle, wireless charging, in one vehicle.

The Navia, developed by French company Induct Mobility Solutions, is only missing one thing, it can’t go 100mph. On the other hand, it wasn’t designed for highway traffic, however. Instead, the Induct Navia electric vehicle was designed for “last-mile mobility,” that is, getting around large campuses or airports, for example (large shopping malls?), at a top speed of 12 mph. It’s already being tested on college campuses in Switzerland, Britain, and Singapore, as well as other places.

Some airports, for example, already have electric vehicles doing this job, golf carts that carry up to six people and luggage, which is particularly helpful when you have to get to a gate that could be half-a-mile away. Essentially an oversized golf-cart with autonomous drive, the Induct Navia removes the driver from the equation, as well as the need to plug in for recharging. Up to eight people can board and choose their individual destinations, something like “a horizontal elevator,” according to Max Lefevre, Induct marketing director.

The Induct Navia electric vehicle is smart enough to get around by itself, with nothing more than a destination request by a passenger, which is accomplished by a touch-screen panel at the front. When the battery needs to be recharged, the vehicle goes back to its home base, parking over a wireless charging unit. The only thing that could make this better would be to add a solar panel to the roof.

Image © Induct Mobility Solutions

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