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Infiniti M35 Hybrid Sedan To Be Unveiled At Los Angeles Auto Show


Infiniti is believed to unveil the much expected M hybrid sedan at the 2010 Los Angeles Auto Show. The M35 Hybrid uses a 3.5-liter motor and can work solely on electric power in certain driving conditions, according to the manufacturer.

The design of the M35 Hybrid follows the same line as the new generation of Infiniti M sedan, but is still smaller compared to Audi A8 and Mercedes-Benz S-class.

However, the hybrid stands out for its graceful curves and body style. In addition, the M35 Hybrid is expected to feature a hi-tech cabin and driver assistance.

The new M Hybrid will function on a four-cylinder economy and V-8 power with an electric motor located directly behind the engine. A laminated lithium-ion battery will power the electric motor and will get recharged during braking and deceleration through the car’s regenerative braking system. This way, the electric motor is designed to reuse wasted energy, just like all the other hybrids do.

The type of transmission for the system hasn’t been disclosed yet, but it is known that it uses two clutches, one of them being place between the engine and electric motor.

[Source: CNET Reviews]

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  1. Too bad the designers of the M 2011 that the Pontiac Aztek and the BMW Z4 is what luxury buyers want. strange result is that sales of the current model of 2010 (the end of its model) will jump more images of 2011 models ugly move. Buy the 2010 $ 35 million to avoid these curves Ugly Model 2011! It can be a fun way to sell Infiniti M 2010, but it works! Infiniti bronze should not think that means that 2010 sales surge will continue. Sales in 2011 M – Hybrid good or not – will collapse. It's a shame for a car of great virtue of this rare 2011 sheet.


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