Japan’s First Solar-Powered Hydrogen Station, Made by Honda

When you look at it, you know it’s a refueling station, but not a classic one: where are the wires, the tanks and…well, everything else? That’s precisely it: the Honda Hydrogen Station at Saitama Prefectural Office in Japan is not your average gas station. In fact, it’s not even a gas station at all: it’s a hydrogen one! Wait, it gets even better: it’s solar-powered!

The station is just one step of the Electric Vehicle Testing Program which Honda is undertaking in collaboration with the Saitama Prefecture and Iwatani. The goal is to provide the public with hydrogen-powered vehicles for a green transportation, but also with an appropriate infrastructure to go along. If you cannot refuel, what’s the point?

However, Honda hit it big this time, because the solar-powered hydrogen station is the first of its kind in Japan: no other station uses a a system of high pressure water electrolysis from Honda itself, that delivers the maximum energy efficiency without even knowing it’s there.

For the moment, the station generates 1.5 kg of fuel in 24 hours, but on a “silent mode”. The company’s ambition doesn’t stop here though: in the future, besides cars, it plans to power homes as well.

In the meantime, the Honda parades with its FCX Clarity, after having tuned it with a 9kW energy source outlet. This turns the car into a mobile electric generator with no emissions whatsoever. The car is a “rare bird” due to the lack of recharging stations, but it will however hit the markets in the US, Europe and Japan.

[via Ecofriend]


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