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Japanese Car Runs Exclusively on Water!


The Japanese company Genepax has unveiled a car that runs exclusively on water. They even have a working prototype that was showed off in front of the press. They claim that using only one liter of water it can run with 80km/h. Their website, genepax.co.jp, is not ready yet with all the details of their technology (in fact, it’s only in a construction phase).

Informations have discovered this far that their system runs on an electric motor powered by a water-splitting MEA membrane. Further details are not disclosed.

The video presented below is the first proof that their car works:

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  1. According to the currently
    accepted laws of physics, there is no way to extract chemical energy from water
    alone. Water itself is highly stable—it was one of the classical elements and contains very strong chemical
    bonds. Its enthalpy of formation is negative (-68.3 kcal/mol or -285.8 kJ/mol), meaning that energy is
    required to break those stable bonds, to separate water into its elements, and
    there are no other compounds of hydrogen and oxygen with more negative
    enthalpies of formation, meaning that no energy can be released in this manner
    either.Most proposed water-fuelled cars rely on some form of electrolysis to separate water into hydrogen and oxygen and then recombine them to release
    energy; however, because the energy required to separate the elements will
    always be at least as great as the useful energy released, this cannot be used
    to produce net energy.In addition to claims of cars
    that run exclusively on water, there have also been claims that burning
    hydrogen or oxyhydrogen  in addition to petrol or diesel fuel increases mileage.
    Whether such hydrogen on demand systems actually improve emissions or fuel
    efficiency is debated.A number of websites exist promoting the use of
    oxyhydrogen (which they often refer to as “HHO), selling plans for
    do-it-yourself electrolysers or entire kits with the promise of large
    improvements in fuel efficiency. According to a spokesman for the American Automobile Association,
    “All of these devices look like they could probably work for you, but let
    me tell you they don’t.

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  4. so today Nov. 11, 2011, I spent around $500 on fuel (i’m a truck driver) and oil CEOS made billions to support their lavish lifestyle and family, while you guys are making what?ave you guys made? $12 per hr? Watch your back, they fund the company YOU work for, and your families company too. The local police, lawyers, military, government officials, and the media….You maybe walking in your driveway and tripped and broke your neck…well, ATLEAST that’s what we were told what happened..therefore if you invent this, keep it underground, spread the blueprint anonymously, if you value your life.

  5. Michael, thank you for the commentary.
    My demonstration is meant for the simpleton.

    I’m not clear on what you mean by ‘pure energy’. Evaporate?

    Gasoline engines turn gasoline (matter) into propulsion (energy)!

    Today’s technology?!
    Yesterday’s technology gave us 175mpg!
    Even the slightest modification to any gasoline engine improves fuel efficiency by 30-60%

    Let’s not kid anyone.
    You mean ‘production technology’!

    Either way, my primary intent was to demonstrate the possible legitimacy of claims like the above article, to contrast the scientifically/engineeringly ignorant who suggest such a concept would have to counter the laws of physics.

    The energy debate is long over!
    Anyone who plays into it is either ignorant or has an agenda.

    Countless engineers, inventors & DIY’s have relatively efficiently converted water, wind, solar, wave, air, gravity, magnetism etc into actual energy/fuel! Water and magnetism have a wide array of techniques for energy generation.

    Self-charging batteries are on the drawing board!
    Solid-state computer generated (magnetic) energy is in the works!
    A new much more efficient energy platform (such as AC/DC) has been developed!

    As was known by the great minds who engineered the energy we use today, this is only the tip of the iceberg!

    The energy revolution has begun!

  6. Prince of Israel: cute attempt… only one thing flawed with it: noone can do matter-to-energy conversion today.

    What you are writing would in principle be true – it’s Einsteins old formula E=MC^2 we would be using – if only we knew how to evaporate matter into pure energy.

    But we cannot do that with today’s technology. If we could, this whole energy debate would be long since forgotten.

  7. This is a completely viable concept.

    Splitting water requires energy, recombining the split molecules back into water produces energy, however this would be counter efficient, since you will be left with the water, and less energy.


    Water = energy
    If you consume the water molecules themselves (combustion of hydrogen, fueled with the oxygen for example), instead of being left with water and less energy, you’re left with no water, and excess energy.

    e = electricity
    w = water (h2o)
    h = hydrogen
    o = oxygen
    v = variable

    +e1 +w1 => +h2 +o1 => +e1 +w1
    h1 = e1
    o1 = e1
    water = h2 o1
    w1 = e3
    e1 + w1 => h2 + o1 + v => e4

    even if v = e1 you’re still left with e3

    It’s not a perpetual machine because you have to keep adding water to generate a surplus of energy.
    It can power the world indefinitely with enough water.
    It’ll do!

    also where m is a magnet and x is its “perpetual” magnetic force
    m1x = e1x
    e1x is “perpetual” e1

  8. Greedy stupid fools in government and industry. Imagine a world where energy costs nothing. Yeah there’d be some serious disruption for a few years, until all the applications of free energy started becoming realized.

    Like desalinating seawater and pumping it anywhere desired. Imagine the metal and plastic pipe that would be needed. There’d be 300 bu. corn on the High Plains. More fertilizer to make from natural gas. No water shortages of water ever, everything irrigatable. Gripe about the salt ‘eh? Pump it into old empty oil reservoirs.

    Decentralized power generation, with a generating system in every home. Imagine just the savings and impact on the economy in the short term. Our economy is highly sensitive to increases, and decreases, in the cost of energy, especially gasoline and diesel, not to mention heating oil and electricity. What other industries would burgeon, for every one associated with energy production that decline, when all of a sudden the energy portion of everyone’s budget was available for other spending.

    My dad had it right when he said that liberals, and the superrich usually are liberals, when they finally ‘make it’, they then set about to pass laws and keep everyone else from ‘making it’.

  9. To the other negative people who always say, the vehicle will have to carry explosive substances around, and they will still use some pollution in the energy production of chemicals etc. Get a grip! Automobiles are full of Gasoline, and explosions are what causes the release of the energy, so why worry now after 120 years+?

    Also when the governments get their acts together and not kiss the butt of the oil Corps. we WILL have clean energy production. How about Wind/Solar/Wave etc there are so many clean alternatives the ONLY reason to keep using gasoline/diesel/nuclear etc is to keep the energy Corps happy. Guess who owns the biggest Oil/Gas corps, YES your local/national politicians thats who.

  10. This is NOT a perpetual motion machine. It can use the kinetic energy of tyres/brakes, plus (maybe) solar panels to assist, then a couple of high grade batteries to start the reaction off plus possibly a litre or two of hydrogen stored. It can be done, it just takes a person to not listen to all the “doubting thomas'” as they will ALWAYS look for ways to be negative as opposed to offer some reasonable ideas to assist.

    WHY are people who WILL benefit from these great/clean/simple technologies so intent on acting so negatively to the inventors who are spending large sums of investment and hundreds of hours to try and crack the puzzle.

  11. Stale news by now… but here’s the explanation:

    It does not run on water alone. In order to split water into hydrogen and oxygen, you need energy. That energy came from sodium, or sodium hydride. The sodium (hydride) reacted with the water, forming sodium hydroxide (i.e. lye, highly corrosive) and hydrogen. The hydrogen was then used for the engine, and the lye remained.

    Eventually the sodium supply will run out and need replenishment, just like any other energy storage fuel. So there are a couple catches to this concept:

    – You need pure sodium or sodium hydride. This takes energy to refine, i.e. causes emissions. The energy put into the sodium will not be reclaimed with full efficiency.

    – You are riding around with two very nasty substances aboard: sodium/sodium hydride, which reacts violently with water and forms explosive hydrogen, and alot of heat, enough to self ignote the gas. And a bunch of lye, which is highly corrosive and bad for your health.

    And has been concluded: Genepax has already folded up. We can only speculate about the sincerity of the inventors of this. Though the investment money put into this surely kept them afloat a while.

  12. not to use oil products for years have been here but the government won’t allow this to happen its all about money an there wastful spending. i built parts for a person that designed a car to run off its own electric he disappered not to be heard from again.

  13. Fred,. you are mistaken. If you build a cell that will produce HHO, then you can run a car on it. I have built a cell, with the help of some very awesome YouTube videos, that produces HHO. Do a search on HHO; you will find a lot of garbage but if you are of a discerning nature and keep an open mind, you’ll find enough info to get started. Build the cell, exactly as it is described. You will also need a pulse circuit to transform your car’s electric power(just a small amount) into the right current level to separate the water into HHO. If you build it right, you CAN run a car on water.
    The government will release this on their controlled media when they feel the time is right. When they can tax it enough, or something. The reason they do NOT want you, the brain-dead masses, to know about this is that anyone can build it and get free energy from water.
    Water truly is an amazing substance. I’m sure you learned this in grammar school.
    Wake up and do some research. Open your mind to things that you were NOT told in school.
    And then, tell your friends!!!

  14. Scott, I can’t tell if your spelling is for some kind of humorous purpose or if you’re serious. So you’re either very snidely witty or in need of an education.

  15. For you people woundering where the electricity comes from, they can now extract electricity from the water it’s self threw the splitting procces, so it is very efficant, you can now extract eletricty (electrons) threw just forcing water threw a samall orfisis. This will eventulay lead us to a hole new teqnolidgy and energy feild known as ionisation that is over unity energy.

  16. This must be a HOAX. To split water REQUIRES energy, burning water to hydrogen again RELEASES energy. It cannot release more energy than what was put in in the first place.
    H20 is oxydised hydrogen just like CO2 is oxydised carbon. The end-products of combustion, not the energy source.

    I know a way they could make it look like it is running on water: by adding NaOH (lye) + Aluminium it reacts with water and indeed produces a lot of hydrogen but the trick here is that it requires energy to both produce NaOH and to extract Aluminium from ores.
    More energy than you’ll get back during this reaction as there are always losses (friction, electric resistance etc…)

  17. I’ve read ALL of your comments. Sat Sept 13, I spent hours watching the devastation of the East Texas coast. OIL refinaries that can no longer produce. Platforms in the Gulf that can no longer pump. Ports that can no longer receive tankers until the channels are dredged. Gas stations that must have their tanks cleaned and pumps replaced.

    Does the Japanese H2O car exist? YES and works quite well, but at present there is NO WAY for Governments to collect ROAD TAXES on water.

    The technology has existed in present form with patents granted for almost 30 years, but government officials do what politicians tell them to do.

    Elon Musk, co-founder of PayPal, the man who is in charge of designing and building the next Space Shuttle, is Chairman of Tesla Motors. They with help from Lotus, have developed a 0 to 60 in 3.9 seconds $100,000 electric roadster. There are NO harmful emissions, but the State of California will NOT let it go into production. California says the emissions are so low they have no way to test it to see if it meets their standards. NO APPROVAL is coming. Road Taxes is the big hold-up, that only petroleum companies and politicians control.

    Water and Gas conversions have been done on thousands of vehicles worldwide over the last 15 plus years. Semi-tractors getting 26% improvement in fuel mileage. Stockcars, delivery trucks, SUVs and everyday junkers getting DOUBLE their previous gas mileage. This means ROAD TAXES would be cut in half.

    I keep reading about Perpetual Motion Generators, PMGs have existed for at least since 1966. The inventor lived in AZ and tripped and broke his neck in broard daylight, walking from his garage to his house. The machine had vanished, NEVER existed. Early 1980’s, another inventor demonstrated his generator in Washington DC. The Chief Electrical Engineer for the TVA, inspected and verified the machine was working as stated. Senator Ted Kennedy was present at the hearing and throwed a FIT. Said the man should be charged with treason and the TVA engineer should be fired. Back home, the TVA engineer was fired and funding was cut to several TVA installations. Since the late 1980’s, Edison Electric of Canada has built a 40′ semi-trailer, 1 Mega-Watt version of this design. They belong to FEMA and anyone else who has the money to buy them. NO FUEL needed, just a car battery to get the magnetic generator started. Currently, there is a large number being used by FEMA in South LA and now on the Texas coast.

    In the 1980’s, a large paper recycling company built a Totally self-sufficient plant. The only public utillity they purchased was water. They had an Open House, attended by the Governor and other officials. Proudly, they demonstrated all of their GREEN features, including the Edison Generator parked out back. The Governor wanted to talk to the Billionaire CEO of the company, engineer and Board of Directors. “Boys, we can’t allow you to damage the economy of the State which depends on Coal Mining. You will have to build a coal-fired Generating Plant, or we’ll have to find ways to shut you down.” Since about 1990, they have a coal-fired Generating Plant, with several Edison PMGs hooked into the Grid. It’s a profitable arrangement and very few no any different.

    Milk, bread, vitamins and GASOLINE prices are ALL going Higher at Wal-Mart.

  18. Can you lift a car? Can you lift a car with a screw-jack? I do not posses the physical strength to lift a car,but with a device providing a mechanical advantage I can. A nuclear bomb takes about 5.5 kilos of enriched uranium and slams it together at lightspeed to destroy the subatomic bonds of the atoms and release the resultant energy,enough to destroy a city. The law of physics so often quoted says you cannot get more energy out of something than you put in. When you are talking about chemistry and electrochemical reactions I am not so sure that applies? What about
    explosives or gunpowder and bullets.What about baking soda and vinegar? I think in the near future if not already, someone will find a way to tease the seperation of H2O and do it in a method that economically provides adequate fuel for driving a standard internal combustion engine in a self contained package.The trick is making every part of the car ultra efficient and using some form of magnetic superconducting bearings to eliminate frictional losses. I am sure it is posssible, but beyond the financial resources of most commmon people and therfore there is no incentive to produce it.If you are rich enough to afford you do not need.

  19. This technology would change the power structure of our world and none of the current people in power will use their considerable to hide this technology from the masses. I don’t care if it is government or corporate power none of them want to see this. Imagine if we could cut the wires to our house and power it with water, and think of all the gas stations abandoned. This could cause great upheaval in our world but in the end we will all be better for it, even the current power brokers even if they don’t believe it. The first post was made by a gas station owner or and oil executive. Pay no attention to those people who say heavier than air flight is impossible, because we intuitively know it is.

  20. I wonder if this technology can be scaled up to generate electricity? It would be a serious advantage here in Africa.

    If it can run a car for one hour at 80KM per hour it can probably
    run my household electricity on the water I save from my roof when it rains.

  21. Toyota uses regenerative braking to generate
    electricity for battery recharging.

    Why can’t others use it to extract hydrogen?

    It has been on my drawing board for 2 years,
    as a way to separate 2 parts Hydrogen from
    1 part Oxygen.

    I’ve even seen an invention that can
    generate electicity and hydrogen, by
    simply droping a weight (attached to pulleys)
    from a tree branch.

    Start preparing for PRODUCTION.
    ’cause if these guys don’t have it yet…
    I soon will.

    Next challenge?
    How to convert existing vehicles?

  22. Why do all the naysayers spout so much vehement denial of the possiblity that this technology may eventually exist? Do nuclear bombs use more energy than they make??? No, they take advantage of stored energy. I think this is the case with this water fuel scenario. I don’t pretend to understand all of the details YET but ALL of the scientists said that nuclear fission was a pipe dream once upon a time, too… remember that today’s science fiction is often tomorrow’s science fact…

  23. Nylund, it’s rare that someone actually tells it like it is. Often, there is a debate, and people just argue “Yes, yes!” “No, no!” without any equation, such as the one you provided. Yes, it would only be a hydrogen car. Energy still needs to be fed into it. Thanks for spotting that!

  24. If this is a hoax, someone has invested a lot of money in perpetrating this hoax. I’m inclined to believe it is for real. I’d like to know how they are extracting the hydrogen or if they found a way to utilize it to make electricity without actually extracting the hydrogen.

    Sound too good to be true and it may well be but it is impressive!

    Just because they have not devised a way to extract hydrogen without electricity doesn’t mean there is not a way.

  25. If it does draw more electricity than it can generate, then it could be a plug-in (recharge battery at night). Would that answer the physics question above? So a plug-in that runs on water. That might be a hit in the market. I’m already looking for a plug-in hybrid.

  26. As noted above, a hydrogen fuel cell car already does this. They just convert the water to hydrogen beforehand. A hydrogen car is really just a water car already. But, you need water and electricity to make hydrogen. So, my question is, what is providing the electricity in this car? There must be a battery. Sure, it can probably be partially recharged through the motion of driving (like all car batteries are), but I think this car would violate the laws of physics that prevent a perpetual motion machine if this car never had to charge up on the electricity used to create the hydrogen from water. In short, I think this violates some rule of physics, but not from the use of water as an input, but rather from the lack of electricity as an input (at least in this article).

    The principle would be:
    Water + Electricity => hydrogen => More electricity.

    There is no way it would work without electricity as an input. And remember, most of the time, we get our electricity by burning coal or natural gas. Its not really the great escape from fossil fuels that most people think.

  27. This is a viable technology. The concept is it would be a Hydrogen based car. They’re using water as the fuel to extract the Hydrogen ( splitting the H and 2O from H20 ) rather than just filling the car with Hydrogen fuel. Basically, a Hydrogen Fuel Cell car, that get’s it’s Hydrogen fuel by splitting water.

    I’ve heard from people working on a similar project for an American manufacturer.

  28. Good for them, i would buy one. american government won’t like it and they will try to find ways to disaprove it, because they will lose money. meaning the big oil companies can’t rip off the american people. people need to wake up in this country and start supporting cars and research like this.

  29. “When we find out how to burn water, and the gasoline car is gone… we’ll all be drinking that free bubble-up, and eatin’ that rainbow stew.” –Merle Haggard, “Rainbow Stew”

  30. Thank you Genepax. I think that we will saved from the rich, exploitative oil companies. Watch your backs. Too many people will plot against you to prevent you from furthering your invention.

    It sounds as if you have created industry-destroying technology.


  31. Great concept, I hope it is reality and I hope the production will begin quickly. Also with this technology I assume the price tag will be steep, how about some huge tax breaks so the average joe can purchase one! umm… why is jason vorhees riding shotgun!

  32. Water and snake oil?

    I keep seeing these H2O cars and devices and gimmicks. The one thing they all have in common is a lack of independent confirmation by a reputable lab.

    Someday, we may have a device that violates the laws of physics. But not today.


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