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Jay Leno’s Awkward Phone Call with Tesla CEO Elon Musk


2012TeslaModelSlenoEveryone is impressed with the Tesla, even former late night TV host Jay Leno. That’s lucky since he could have been scared off the subject entirely by one awkward phone call.

On his CNBC show, Jay Leno’s Garage, he tells the story of a time he accidentally called Elon Musk in the middle of the night, after Leno assured Musk that he would not bother him.

Musk appeared on Leno’s show about seven years ago, the TV host explains that the Tesla CEO actually gave him his personal phone number. Leno promised only to use it if the situation was important and promised not to bother the important entrepreneur.

Leno is a big fan of the Tesla’s performance and speed, and once he started hosting Jay Leno’s Garage, he wanted to film an episode inside the Tesla factory. He pulled out the number Musk had given him and figured that since it was the afternoon, it was the perfect time to reach out and make a phone call.

Instead, a sleepy voice answered the phone. Apparently, Musk was doing business in China, so Leno ended up contacting him at the worst moment possible. Leno felt bad, so he promised to buy a car to make up for it. (The legendary comedian, of course, was kidding about that. He already wanted one.)

At $120,000, Jay Leno is one of the few people that can afford to simply buy a new one outright. It’s great to see public figures like him making environmentally conscious decisions and share their enthusiasm with others. It could end up making a world of difference.

Image (c) CNBC

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