Jet Engine-Like Wind Turbine – 4 Times More Efficient

Here’s an invention that should capture more of the world’s attention, because it can capture more of the world’s winds. Flodesign’s “jet engine”-shaped wind turbine has a slightly different way of seeing the wind flow, and by this it is three to four times more efficient. Present day wind turbines capture only 50% of the air flow, and they do not stand high winds. In addition, they have high building standards and have to be built tall and away from habitable areas. They need to use several high capacity truck transports to carry the components of a classic wind turbine to its building place, and there’s a lot of work in building it.

Instead, Flodesign’s wind turbine design is made more simple and small. Its blades can handle high wind velocities, and the density of the wind farm can be much higher. You only need one truck to carry all of its components to the building site.

They even made a video showing you how this turbine works, which you can see below.


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