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Jet Engine-Like Wind Turbine – 4 Times More Efficient


Here’s an invention that should capture more of the world’s attention, because it can capture more of the world’s winds. Flodesign’s “jet engine”-shaped wind turbine has a slightly different way of seeing the wind flow, and by this it is three to four times more efficient. Present day wind turbines capture only 50% of the air flow, and they do not stand high winds. In addition, they have high building standards and have to be built tall and away from habitable areas. They need to use several high capacity truck transports to carry the components of a classic wind turbine to its building place, and there’s a lot of work in building it.

Instead, Flodesign’s wind turbine design is made more simple and small. Its blades can handle high wind velocities, and the density of the wind farm can be much higher. You only need one truck to carry all of its components to the building site.

They even made a video showing you how this turbine works, which you can see below.

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  1. 2. How can we change the direction of turbine once its install because air flow direction is not the same through out the day?

  2. @P.S.Burman i am the student of bs mechanical engineering, and i took this project as a final year project for my engineering degree i have some questions regarding this project hopefully you will help me 
    1. we want to install this project to light the 20 W bulb but the wind blow all the day how do we generate 20W electricity constantly?

    (mandar kelkar0

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  5. *Thinks veritas is gordon or one of his constituants* *Recalled the reason he chose not be be an inventor in a greedy world* Also I agree with nick, I’d like some really figures on kwh/mwh produced sorted by model size as well as energy density for land. Though I slightly disagree with “who cares about truck anwyays” though it is the smallest part of the footprint it does matter. As the manufacturing grows so does the transportation and distribution curve. I must also state that I appreciate the geometry and aerodynamics involved in the model, to whoever actually invented it, you’re a man after my own heart, think more build less. I also would like to know the materials and density of these materials used, so I can do some of my own math to solve the puzzle the article left.

  6. The turbines may fit on just one truck but that’s because they’re smaller. You may be able to fit them closer together, but that’s because they don’t extract as much total energy per turbine as a larger model. What’s the cost per KWh compared to traditional turbines? Will you end up using more trucks in the end to haul out more turbines to hit the same total power output? And who cares about trucks anyway? Lets see some numbers. Based on X square miles of land, which technology can extract more total energy? At higher or lower initial cost for the turbines themselves? When is ROI? What is the total lifetime cost?

    Also, wow. I do believe in the previous posts I just witnessed a green tech infight with people using multiple fake logins and everything. This is the very problem. Stop BSing and making pretty videos and “politely” berating each other. Show us the numbers and ship something, or shut up.

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  10. I have funding and full manufacturing facilites available for this turbine. I also have the rights to a clean energy variable alternator that can be driven by this turbine and produce 78%+ of rated capacity.
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  11. I am P.S.Burman an engineer from India. This is to inform you that this type of turbine is already patented by me on 12.03.06 in India. The turbine is in the process of manufacturing. For any queries you are free to contact me

    Kind Regards



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