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John Bedini’s Cigar Box-sized Tesla Switch – How To Build It


John Bedini was invited to speak at the Tesla Centennial Symposium in Colorado Springs, CO, on August, 11, 1984, The symposium honored the 100th anniversary of the arrival of Nikola Tesla in the USA, and was sponsored by the Tesla Committee, by the Institute for Electronic and Electrical Engineers (IEEE), Pikes Peak Section, and by the Ford Aerospace& Communications Corporation,Colorado Springs Operation.

At the symposium, Bedini demonstrated an inexpensive, cigar-box sized Tesla-type converter witch he had recently built. Throughout the demonstration, which lasted a full 24 hours during the symposium, a constant load was being drawn out of the system to do work, Nevertheless, the converter kept the nickel-cadmium batteries fully charged!

The concept, witch had been originated by Nikola Tesla, was given to John Bedini by Ronald Brandt, who was a personal friend of Nikola Tesla. Brandt is reputed to have a similar converter which he has used for years without loosing the battery charge. Bedini presented the schematic diagram showing how to build the solid-state device, and then released copies of the schematic diagram.

This Diagram Was used by John Bedini to test the Tesla Switch


Good Luck

John Bedini

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  1. Hi, do you think that Tesla switch working with some junk components? You must select all components to have same characteristics, Diodes same, transistors same. Other way what you build is junk as you components use. I have experience with junk and selected parts. When i work in a dredging company at electronic workshop we had trouble with thyristors bridges from winches speed controllers. After 100 hours running or litlle more some thyristors fail and go busted. After decide go factory and buy thyristors with same characteristics we was able to solve the trouble. After that the company cancel repairing and maintenance contract with the guys which did maintenance and repairing before.

  2. Regarding the 3 battery method.
    This at first, all looks good, as each battery eventually gets a turn in the charging position.
    However, the batteries on the left spend twice as long DISCHARGING as they do in the charge-up position.
    This ensures that eventually all batteries WILL go down.

  3. You’re right, Friend, this will never work.

    Because it’s Over Unity, not because of schematic errors.

    This is impossible.

    Until someone actually finds a way to tap Zero Point Energy, there is NO WAY to use power from a battery and then magically recharge it.

    I studied Nicola Tesla in College and I’ve never heard of a “Tesla Switch”.

    I suspect it’s a hoax made up by somebody wanting to ride on Tesla’s reputation for brilliance

  4. Hi Ed,
    Forget this web page. The guy doesn’t know how it works. Google for a file called “report_on_4_battery_Tesla switch.pdf”. from John Bedini. Everything you need to know to get this running is contained in this file. The link to Building this “switch” comes from Patrick Kelly book Free energy- Chapter five I think. Kelly doesn’t know shit about how this stuff works. His circuit will never work. Study the Bedini circuit and then look at the problems with the Kelly circuit. It will be instructional for you.

    When you get this going Try looking at the Gray Motor. Not much conceptual difference.

    A Friend

  5. I have been following with a droole this type of tech for the past 2-yrs and am very interested so please don’t take this as insult,,on these drawings,schems ect where are the legends to componets shown? drawing#2 lists dots labeled S-1 thru S-2 what theheck are they, switchs transistors,,,what? and what recomended type if transistors, PNP NPN what rating ect. Half info is like shopping with no cash, only depressing.



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