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Just 250 Volkswagen XL1 Will Be Made, In Spite of Demand

Volkswagen XL1, 261mpg, $145,000, Limited Edition
Volkswagen XL1, 261mpg, $145,000, Limited Edition

There’s still plenty of innovation left in the internal combustion engine, vehicle electrification, and vehicle design. Combining all of these elements resulted in the 261mpg [miles per gallon] Volkswagen XL1.

The Volkswagen XL1 is a diesel plug-in hybrid electric [PHEV], originally shown as a concept vehicle at the Geneva Motor Show, combines the inherent high-efficiencies of electric motors, diesel engine, and lightweight engineering. Of course, this all comes at a price, somewhere around $145,000. Additionally, Volkswagen is making a limited run of the 261mpg diesel PHEV, just 250 units, due to be completed in early 2014.

The problem is, mention Volkswagen XL1 and 261mpg, and there are far more interested parties than vehicles that Volkswagen is planning on building. According to someone on the inside, Volkswagen has no comment on what they plan on doing with the additional demand, only saying, “We are figuring out the best process, because we have huge interest in potential XL1 buyers.” If Volkswagen gets enough interest, will they up the production numbers?

Seeing that there is no comment on this $145,000 high-mpg vehicle, we could assume that Volkswagen doesn’t plan on making more than the original 250, all of which are going to be made by hand. If that’s the case, then how will they dole out each individual Volkswagen XL1, lottery, first-come first-serve, auction? If Volkswagen doesn’t decide to mass-produce the Volkswagen XL1, you can bet that at least one of these vehicles will end up on eBay, and it’ll certainly go for far more than $145K.

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