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ZeroHouse 2.0 – KB Home’s First Net-Zero Production Home Opened in California


It’s been said that the dream house does not exist, just like any other ideal, but after moving into one of KB Home’s ZeroHouse 2.0, you’ll beg to differ. Fresh on the market, one such home will leave as much as $250 in your pocket from the monthly bills budget.

To make the public aware of this, the national homebuilder and Lake Forest Mayor Peter Herzog hosted a special event in Whistler Ridge, California on December 16th.

Now that we’re sure to have sparked your interest, let us fill you in on what makes ZeroHouse 2.0 so great: it has the U.S. EPA’s Energy Star qualification, meaning a 1.8 kWp solar power system, as well as some more energy-efficient features and an optional 6.75 kWp solar power system. Other features include increased insulation, upgraded HVAC systems and dual-pane, low-e windows. The owners can eventually look into insulated blinds to compliment the dual-pane, low-e windows and keep heat in/out of the home.

This translates into a close to $0 electricity bill every now and then and an overall 40% cut if compared to a house presenting California’s Title 24 standards. It all depends on the owners’ willingness to bring in or leave out the energy efficiency options on or behind the construction walls.

The ZeroHouse 2.0 is part of the wave of houses built by KB Home this fall in California. Inhabitants of Orange County and those from Southern California can now enjoy a model house like this as a guarantee of solid, smart and “green” construction. For anyone ready to take his standard of living to a whole new level, feel free to contact 888-KB-HOMES or visit kbhome.com.

[via BusinessWire]

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  1. We recently purchased a new KB Home. The attic was supposed to have a minimum of 13″ of blown in insulation by code but only had about 6-7″ and the other side had NO insulation. We were led to beleive gaps would be spray foamed as well to ensure the home is tightly sealed for energy efficiency. We had outside smells coming in from underneath baseboards all over so apparently they didn’t do as they claimed. This makes me think all this going green stuff from KB Home is just really a joke especially when they can’t even make sure that an attic is properly insulated. From this experience I wouldn’t believe the hype from KB Home. For more information about our experience visit http://www.kbhomeproblems.com


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