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Europe to Fine Automakers Who Don't Comply to New Emissions Regulations

A sign warns drivers of "High levels of pollution expected" in Madrid February 8, 2011. (c) REUTERS/Susana Vera

In an effort to tighten CO2 emissions, the European Union has recently announced that it will forcefully reduce tailpipe-generated carbon dioxide 20 percent by 2015. This move will be imposed on European automakers and those who don’t comply will pay higher taxes.

Therefore, starting with the beginning of 2012, the automakers will have to comply to this rule and have 65 percent of the vehicles sold in Europe emit less than 130 grams of CO2 per kilometer. A gram more will be fined €5. The second g/km will be fined €15, the third €25 and for each subsequent g/km the automaker will have to pay €95 more for each car. Starting with 2019, already the first g/km of exceedance will cost €95.

This rule, however, only applies to those who make more than 10,000 cars per year.

For the moment, Renault’s Dacia brand and Daimler will have to suffer penalties. Daimler has also announced their inability to fulfill these requirements, which will lead to the customers paying some $1,700 more for each Mercedes they buy. This won’t matter as much for luxury-class buyers, but for those dreaming of a cheaper Dacia will surely do.

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