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KERS-Enabled Electric Twizy and 265 HP Meganes Race Each Other – See Who Wins


twizy-megane-drag-raceWe’ve been talking a lot about Kinetic Energy Recover Systems (KERS) lately, and even presented an actual implementation by Volvo. Now the French have put such a system into an electric vehicle called Twizy (about which we’ve been too talking a while ago) and managed to beat the cr*p out of two 265 horsepower, gas-drinking Megane RSes.

You know the Twizy – small, two seats, partially closed cage, it’s the kind of those electric rickshaws you see in touristic cities (say, Paris). Well, this Twizy ain’t like that at all: they took out the back seat and installed a KERS inside, giving it an extra 80 horsepower in addition to the original 37.

Well, of course, those 80 hp are only to be used in short bursts, because in a longer straight run the Megane will smoke the Twizy, but it’s interesting to see how it handles through curves and other places where not only power is useful, but also the agility of the driver and the stability of the car.

KERS systems have been used in Formula 1 for some time, and still are. The concept seems to have taken the normal route – every advanced and revolutionary technology started from Formula 1 or some other performance-oriented realm and ended up in street-legal vehicles.

Bravo, Twizy!

Take a look at the video below to see what I’ve been telling you about:

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