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The Fisker Automotive, Wanxiang, and VL Automotive Love Triangle Overseen by Bob Lutz


lutz-fiskerBy now it’s no longer old news when we talk about yet another electric vehicle company going down, such as A123 Systems, CODA Motors, Better Place, and now Fisker Automotive.

Bob Lutz, previously of General Motors and the driving force behind the Chevy Volt, has turned his attention to other projects. VIA Motors has designs for extended-range electric vehicles [EREV] in the full-size category, including a Chevy Silverado-class pickup, Suburban-class SUV, and Express-class van. Making a truck that gets 100mpg isn’t a bid for green tech, and Lutz himself asserts that “the green craze is, frankly, ebbing.”

So why is his other partner, VL Motors, looking to Chinese autoparts giant Wanxiang for funding to bail out Fisker Automotive? VL Motors doesn’t make green cars, but takes Fisker Karma bodies and implants them with big gas-guzzling Corvette powertrain parts. In his article in Forbes Magazine, Lutz states, “I want Fisker to live and succeed, if only to ensure a continuing supply of Karma bodies for…VL Destino, a de-electrified Karma with a Corvette drive train.”

Recently I discussed the possible good motive for Wanxiang to acquire Fisker Automotive. It is possible, but the little love triangle brewing here with probably the sexiest sedan and the least green powertrain combination is somewhat at odds with Fisker’s original EVER powertrain plans. Will Fisker live on or will it be absorbed just for her beautiful body?

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