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LED-powered Christmas Tree


christmas-treeEver thought about how much electricity does your Christmas tree consume? You need not to be scarce, but think on big scale how many Christmas trees are worldwide and how much each tree consumes. Read the tree’s lighting installation booklet, and you’ll see something about 10W… Multiply these 10W by 1 billion trees, let’s say, and you’ll reach… 100 billion watts. That’s 10 GigaWatts of energy, worldwide, per hour, of Christmas tree lighting.

I know I overestimated the above figures, but the amount of electricity consumed on Christmas is still pretty big. So, I know what I’m going to do next year: I’m going to start a new business by building solar-powered tree lights! You’ll surely place your tree near the window, so it’s visible to anybody. Most people put it there. So why not, when it’s light outside, not charge a battery by day and power all the low-consumption LEDs on the Christmas night?

LEDs can be cheerful, too. And they do not present a danger of electrocution like old installations do, they don’t have to be powered at 110V or 220V (some of you have bigger trees at home and use two of these things simultaneously). So that would also be a solution for poor countries, or for public places, where it’s hard to wire things.

We have the technology, people, why not use it on the 2008-year-good-old Christmas?

(2013 update: LED Christmas trees are now everywhere)

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