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New Speed Record Set By Solar-Powered “Lightning” Motorcycle


Lightning Motorcycles has broken yet another record. With their electric motorcycle, they reached a speed of 189.086 mph for a course of 1.3 miles, running down the El mirage dry lake bed. This might come as a surprise to some, but the record is not just for electric motorcycles but for gas-powered ones too.

In 2010, the company’s electric motorcycles hit the speed of 173.388 mph, only to break this record in 2011 with the whopping 215.960 mph.

The new speed record brought to Lightning Motorcycles the Southern California Timing Association award (SCTA) for electric or gas-powered motorcycles production for that specific track.

And here is something for the “green” fans. The motorcycle is fully powered by a portable solar array. A 48- kWh battery pack, attached to the bike, fuels the on-board batteries, which only to show how the bike could be constantly fueled, no matter how far it is from the grid.

The new motorbike will hit the market very soon, however the company says that it is essentially the same as the one scheduled to be sent off to the customers in the next 60 days.

Via: CleanTechnica

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