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Lilium Successfully Flies World’s First Electric Vertical Take Off Airplane


Once in a while something really interesting happens. I would say that the successful flight of a Vertical Take Off and Landing EV jet is pretty $*@& interesting.

Lilium was founded to explore innovative ways to integrate new technologies into aerospace, and with their recent demonstration of an incredible 100% electric airplane I would say they have made their mark.

The jet plans to take over the niche that helicopters currently occupy, with the ability to take off and land just about anywhere. The Lilium Jet is also much faster than most civilian helicopters, with a top speed of around 300km/hour.

While this is only the prototype phase, if this technology is able to be produced economically, the days of seeing helicopters in the sky are numbered. There are apparently many companies and government agencies that are working on hybrid designs like the Lilium Jet, but none are 100% electric.

The advantages that a zero emissions aircraft offer are enormous, and lower fuel consumption is just the beginning. The amount of noise that an aircraft like the Lilium Jet would produce would be far lower, with additional savings being realized by the ability to charge almost anywhere.

In addition to the 2 seat model that was tested recently, Lilium also makes a 5 seat variant, that is intended as an airborne taxi. If this technology is even remotely competitive in terms of economics with helicopters, we have some very exciting aircraft to look forward to.

[via techcrunch]

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