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OOHO: The New Way of Thinking Edible, Bio-Degradable Water Bottles


How many times have you been strolling around in beautiful natural environments and you saw plastic bottles dumped around? How many times have you been dreaming about a world without plastic?

If you love the environment and our astonishing nature, I believe your reply to those questions is: ALWAYS!

Well finally it looks like we have a solution to the problem thanks to OOHO, the new package for liquids made of chloride and brown algae extract. The product, imitating water drops, is made of gel-like material, which is eatable, biodegradable and cheap, containing enough liquid, for example, for runners during a marathon.

The double-layer membrane allows protecting the fluids inside the ball and offers the possibility to add flavours to it. What a great invention, particularly since it would reduce pollution from plastic bottles.

Indeed in US alone 50 billion plastic bottles per year are thrown away of which just 23 to 25% can be recycled, thanks to OOHO this nightmare may disappear soon.

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  1. Part of the role of the bottle is to keep the dirt on the outside.

    I don’t think many people will want to eat what’s on the outside of the container.

    Biodegradable. That’s the key. Perhaps a material that can be safely consumed by wildlife and is nutritious would be a winner.


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