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Logitech's Solar Powered Wireless Keyboard: Pointless Green In a Plastic Case


A solar powered keyboard has been launched by Logitech yesterday. Not only it will announce you through a special software that it needs recharging, the innovative keyboard also saves precious power… in vain.

I can’t say I don’t like the idea behind the $79,90 K750, but I guess that the keyboard will become rather obsolete or will break until it will have saved the energy needed to produce only the solar panels.

To really get themselves a green kudo, Logitech should have made the keyboard from other materials than plastics (even though bioplastics have been quoted in a dust-to-dust analysis as polluting more than fossil-derived ones).

Using an organic solar cell, though, could change the facts for the above-mentioned keyboard, because those are not as polluting in the perspective of a dust-to-dust analyzer.

The company follows the example of Citizen, the famous watch manufacturer, who released solar powered watches a long time ago and enjoyed success. They are powered by both indoor and outdoor light. At least their watches will last for longer and the solar panels will truly be useful to maintain their independence no matter what.

Rohm, for instance, has recently developed an organic solar cell perfectly suited for indoor lighting, having a higher efficiency in such places, and presented their innovation at Ceatec 2010. This is an example of solar cell that could be implemented by Logitech instead of the silicon-based ones they currently used.

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  1. I agree, this device does seem a bit pointless, especially in lieu of the fact that there are personal solar panels that can be rolled out to power your laptop that actually have decent amounts of output. Just charging the keyboard seems like a waste of solar.


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