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Scientists Create Photovoltaic-Piezoelectric Fiber To Power Gadgets With Light & Motion


A group of researchers at the University of Bolton have created a new piezoelectric-photovoltaic fiber that has the possibility to be implemented into different gadgets to power them using light and motion.

Over time, scientists developed a flexible piezoelectric fiber that can harness motion, but now they’ve upgraded the fiber, making it capable to transform the material into a solar energy source.

The new hybrid material can be implemented into almost everything, from laptops to mobile phone cases, enabling the devices to be powered as they are placed near or in sunlight.

The team members also want to work on developing the technology so that it can generate enough electricity to power larger systems as well.

They plan to start producing samples of the hybrid material and then they will start testing its effectiveness in creating energy from sunlight and movement. Besides this, researchers also want to test how well the material can produce energy under the ocean.

[via Ecofriend]

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