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INIZIO: The First All-Electric Luxury Supercar Made in The U.S.


And I thought they couldn’t make them any better than Tesla Motors did… INIZIO is the name of the electric super car designed by Li-ion Motors from North Carolina that will kick Tesla probably one step forward (out of the scene? I guess not).

First of all, the INIZIO will be distinguished by its style. A luxurious two-seater, with leather seats, GPS navigation and all kinds of gizmos you usually see in high-end cars will be featuring a 145 kW (approx. 200 hp) electric motor.

Just like Renault’s DEZIR concept, the INIZIO will have rotational doors on a 90-degree angle and a hydraulic lift system that would raise the car 3 inches for allowing easy and comfortable access to it.

And the thing will be speedy, too. Bragging with a top of 170 mph (272 km/h) and an acceleration equaling Tesla’s Roadster of just 3.4 seconds from 0 to 60, the INIZIO will surely get a lot of fans at its starting price of (only?) $139,000. The autonomy is said to be about 250 miles (321 km).

“This car is the culmination of many years of research and development in the quest to design an emission-free luxury vehicle that performs and handles just as well as a traditional, gas-powered super car, and with the INIZIO we’ve accomplished that,” said Stacey Fling, President & CEO of Li-ion Motors.

The car will also feature something called BMS (Battery Management System) that is designed to provide support and information to the driver via Li-ion Motors’ data center, to which any of the cars will have access through the internet.

And many others… you can check them out here, in the long press release.

Update: Isn’t this the same with Liv Inizio, the electric supercar announced at last’s year NY auto show? Only that time it was presented by EV Innovations, not Li-ion motors… is this car a spoof, or is it real?

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