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London Uses Special Glue for Trapping Air Pollution

photo (c) BBC

London has been famed for its dirty air even since the early days of industrial revolution. Things aren’t like that anymore, however the city hall has decided it’s high time to meet the European legislation in the matter – if not for anything else, then for the $450 million fine the EU is going to apply to all of the countries with more than 35 “bad air days” per year.

For that matter, they’ve resorted to using a sort of glue, some kind of a calcium-based glue that, applied on the asphalt, is going to trap particulate air pollution from cars (especially diesels).

Although it doesn’t seem like much, the glue is doing its job, since the particulate pollution levels have dropped by 14 percent in the areas that had it installed.

Even though the bill is not pretty ($1.4 million from taxpayers’ money so far), it’s still better having clean air and avoiding the huge EU bill. Added to this one, high-mileage vehicles like buses or taxis will get greener, so the air will be even more breathable.

As for the EU rule, my personal opinion is that they should enforce even more draconic laws on pollution, making those 35 bad days become 100, because it’s our health that’s at stake. And they should subsidize electric cars more, for the same purpose.

[via ecogeek]

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