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London’s Hydrogen Fuel Network Ahead of Its Time


London_SkylineLondon is raising the alternative energy stakes with its now fully integrated hydrogen fuel network with the introduction of a 700 bar delivery system. This is required by manufacturers to existing stations.

Two brand new hydrogen fuel stations are planned, one of which will be in the center of London. There are also plans to upgrade existing stations at Heathrow Airport and Bedfordshire, a suburb north of London.

A diesel/electric hybrid bus network is not new to London, and 300 are in operation, with another 600 planned by April 2013. With this announcement, London is expanding on its plan to upgrade transport for the main hydrogen fuel station in order to increase the number of hydrogen buses in London.

The city is also planning to offer over 1000 electric car charging stations throughout the city. Major automobile manufactures recently announced plans to roll out hydrogen-fueled cars by 2014. Additionally, Ford, Daimler, and Nissan are each promising inexpensive hydrogen powered cars by 2017.

25% of London’s electricity will be converted to renewable sources by 2025, and the city will employ ten small hydrogen fuel cell generators as backups for the city’s essential systems.

The installation of a 300kW/300kW electricity/heat hydrogen power station in the center of London will be online and fully operating by the end of 2014.

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