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London's Eco Nightclub to Open Today


You drink. You dance. You generate power. All the shaking-for-nothing floors of London’s nightclubs are one step behind the city’s most eco-friendly nightclub. San Francisco has got one, and so does Rotterdam. Basically, the whole idea behind this concept is to generate electricity from the shaking dance floor, electricity which would largely power the dancers’ music and lights. It’s like “pedal for electricity”, but more fun.

Here’s an imaged working principle:

But the eco-friendliness of this nightclub does not stop here. If you prove (don’t know how) that you walked to the club, used a bike of came by public transportation (the latter is the most provable), than you can enter the place for free.

Andrew Charalambous aka “Dr. Earth”, who leads an organization called “Club4Climate” is behind this London club opening. Club4Climate even wants to open a self-powered party island, based on the same principles by 2010.

He says: “There is no greater platform than clubbing to reach out to young people. Having an energy-generating dancefloor is a very exciting and interesting-idea that we have been talking to people in Rotterdam about. Such a dancefloor could generate about 60 per cent of the building’s energy.”

What is it with 2010? Too many green things are to happen by then… strange, isn’t it?

[via psfk]

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