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Loremo: The 120 MPG Car to be Released in 2009


loremoLoremo will probably finish this year the three promised powertrain prototypes.

The first one is the base model Loremo that will have a fuel consumption of 120 MPG with a 700 ccm diesel engine featuring turbo charging, inter-cooling and exhaust gas recycling. The fuel mileage target was at first 157MPG but was downgraded slightly afterwards, still enough to win the Auto X Prize.

The second model is the Loremo GT, which is more sportier in performance than the base model. The GT has a 850 ccm engine which could run on liquefied natural gas (LNG) or pressurized natural gas (PNG).

The final model is the Loremo EV, which has an ultra-efficient electric vehicle. This variant is perhaps the closest to production. Test runs have been started and the car has been certified of road-worthiness. The first test drives for the public should begin in March.

The super high MPG comes mostly from the aerodynamic of the car but as well from the high performance engines.

The three powertrains will be put into the same body and Loremo seems to need only to work on the chassis, interior and shell as the liquid-fuel engines are mature enough and do not need much improvements.

As things start to look good for Loremo, we could see their cars on the roads this year latest beginning of next year. The cost of Loremo is between 15,000 Euros($22,500) for the basic model to 20,000 Euros($30,000) for the GT.

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  2. We won’t be able to reduce the greenhouse effect if we don’t radically change the perspective about how we should make cars. More miles per less gallons is not the proper way to approach this matter. Alternative ways have to be developed to the point where a HHO or a compressed air car would be reliable and affordable.

  3. Loremo should build a hybrid cng/electric with a solar array fitted across its horizontal surfaces. Such a car could commute throughout the week on electricity alone, then run on both electricity and cng for longer trips. It would generate a very tiny carbon footprint (half that of a similar gasoline-powered car, and this only while actually operating on cng) and if enough were driven could free the developed world from its dependence on foreign oil, improving trade imbalances and leaving global access to middle-east oil supplies for the Chinese to worry-over.

  4. Great system. But the easiest and fastest way to reduce gas emissions and consumption is to use the HHO system.
    It’s easy to install, cheap and the savings are huge !
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