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Magnetic Generator for Sale – EBM 720


This project, developed in Budapest, Hungary is a free energy magnetic generator and it’s ready for sale, as the video says.

They have done this project in the past 19 years with extensive scientific and mathematical research. Though, the scientists succeeded to harness an unusual form of energy from magnetic fields. Watch the video!

If you want to know more about magnetic generators, there’s a magnetic generator e-book you can try: Magnets4Energy. It’s about the EBM machine.

Notice: The Green Optimistic is not affiliated in any way with the creators of the EBM 720 machine, hence we DO NOT SELL the EBM 720 machine, or have one in our custody. The present article is only for information purposes. Please stop asking us for information about how you can purchase the machine! We don’t have that information! Thank you!

Magnets 4 Energy

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  3. Hi

    I would like information and offers on any over-unity / “free energy”- device.
    Do you know anything about it and / or where to buy it?

    Ca. 3-15kW net, 230V~ or 400V~, 50Hz

    Please answer:

    [email protected]


  4. Hi Rainer schulte, i am a girl from canada and i will go live in peru soon with my husband, and we are very interested in new clean energy and community, i am looking for someone who could show me how to build a free energy machine that we could use in our community and for our children. Do you know how to build one or do you know someone who could show us how it works. please answer me at [email protected]    thanks a lot! See you in peru

  5. Please remove this EBM technology 720 crap,  (1.7 million was paid by a Canadian to build the 720), I first inquired and met the investor, and then spent 6 months in Budapest $100K’s dollars later.  It’s a dud.  Sorry, The math is great the scientist were on to something, but it is based on splitting a magnetic field (SIN wave) so all the math and all the challenges getting around the first and second laws of thermal energy makes for great innovative physics but that’s where it ends, LENZ’s Law could not be broken!!  It was like trying to dig a whole in the Ocean….

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  8. Rudy,

    The point of my Bloom Box example was only to highlight the differences in a real technology and a scam such as the magnetic energy generator. You can go see a working model of the Bloom box in the hands of a beta site.

    Mark – as I said before, it would be a full time job keeping the stupid from throwing money away on ridiculous scams like the magnetic energy generator. Even so, the stupid are also stubborn in their intent to be losers in that they refuse to hear or even recognize the truth. They cannot even understand the following simple fact. In all this time (20 years or more the scam has been around) there is not one working example in the possession of a regular person not associated with the scammers. Not one. Not Ever. How stupid must one be to believe a video on the internet or listen to nonsense from the delusional?

  9. if you dont believe in this tech…then your a fool ….ive been reserching this for years and it does exisist…for all you sceptics out there…..just take a look at high speed trains all over the world..they all run on this tech. one way or the other….dont believe what the govt and big money and oil tells you ,,,theyre covering their asses because this WILL bankrupt all the wealthy energy and special interst groups…..WAKE UP AMERICA ….

  10. To Harvey Katz: I watched the BloomEnergy box presentation, and KR Sridhar does make sure to point out that, “it’s a technology of the future” and “will be available in the next decade or so.” So, although the technology IS available, we still have to wait another 10 years for it! Hell, by that time all of the oil leaking out from the Gulf would’ve probably been naturally depleted!

  11. I’m not a ‘nay-sayer’ or a skeptic of green or free energies whatsoever. I’ve also been looking to find a person, company, website, third-party vendor, who sells and/or show me a working model of a ‘home magnetic generator’ that I can see it, touch it, and buy it for my own use! Why is that??? I find many, many, people who are in the same quest, but where are ‘these’ products?!?!? All I find online is books and instructions on ‘how-to build my own’ !! Why is it so difficult for a factory or plant to simply produce these, in the same fashion if were to buy, say, a lawnmower! There’s 1.5HP, 2,3,5, 6HP, riding lawnmowers, and even electric ones! All of these have different size engines, and different strengths in power! I can even buy GAS powered generators from my local hardware store! But why can I purchase a magnetic generator from my local Home Depot? If this technology has been around for SO MANY years, then why aren’t they available for anyone in this day in age?!?!? Why? (here’s where my skeptisizm comes to play) Do you genuinely believe that big energy comanies (like PSE&G and ConEd) would ALLOW this type of technologies to be available to the masses?!
    OF COURSE NOT! They would do anything and everything in their power to make sure these technologies never end at the hands of their ‘ever-so-energy-consuming’ customers! If these magnetic generators were suddenly sold to every Tom, Dick, and Harry, the tidal wave would sink big energy faster than the Exxon Valdez! As much as we would LOVE to have this technology/equipment readily available, they’re NOT gonna let this happen!

    Similar to what someone wrote earlier, if they can build a magnetic generator to power a house, why can’t a smaller unit be built to ‘continuously charge the batteries on your electric car’ ?!? (Any time your electric car is parked, the batteries would automatically get charged by the M.G!) Why?! Not only would this be tapping into Big Oil, but that would also mean that your electric car would be self sufficient! Your vehicle would also NOT NEED to be connected to ‘the grid!’ Wouldn’t that be something… WONDERFUL?!

    Based on research that I’ve read, from various different types of alternate energies, I do believe that the U.S. government and/or big oil does not want any type of ‘free energies’ becoming easy or readily available to the masses. As an example, when BMW created their first hydrogen vehicle (I believe in 1979), based on my research, OPEC chose to fund BMW’s hydrogen technology, in exchange, they were not allowed to sell their hydrogen vehicles to anyone, especially not to the U.S. However, OPEC’s ‘Sultans’ have been owning Hydrogen BMW’s AND have a Hydrogen auto station!
    Once again, big oil will do whatever it takes to make sure that we stayed dependent on fossil fuels. But don’t take my word for it, do the research for yourselves!

  12. Everyone:

    Example of genuine breakthrough versus a scam:

    The recently announced Bloom Box (Google it). It creates electricity directly from any flammable gas with no flame – uses air circulation to supply air (oxygen). We know it’s not a scam because eBay, Walmart, Coca-Cola, and FedEx, all of them big-name companies (also including Google), are beta customers of Bloom’s distributed energy fuel cell technology (which was the subject of a 60 Minutes profile on Sunday and various other stories since then). They have been using the box for up to 9 months generating electricity for about 3 to 5 cents per kilowatt cheaper then what the electric companies charge. A relatively small unit can power a house but the price is still too high for the individual home owner. The power companies never tried to interfere and indeed may be possible customers themselves.

    Now let’s look at the infamous magnetic energy generators. 1. No beta sites in any known companies. 2. Continual whining for more money and saying the power companies are against them. 3. Won’t (can’t) deliver a working unit to anybody. 4. Won’t (can’t) deliver a working unit to anybody. I repeated that last point for those that still believe in magnetic energy since they are a bit slow and are to be pitied. You have to pay money for plans so YOU can be blamed for it not working when you build it. The same can be said for using water as a fuel.

    Notice the Bloom box is delivered as a working unit, and the company has fixed any problems for FREE (clogged air filters).

    That should settle the belief in magnetic energy generators for all but the stupid and those criminals trying to still make money off this scam. But don’t fear, one of these criminals is sure to post that they bought the plans and it’s working great.

  13. untill narrow minded thinkers are proven wrong and this can get by govt manipulation,,it will be burried for a time ,but we can not stop evolution…..at first infrastrutures will fall untill a viable worker can establish another way to earn an income,,it will change govts, utilities, auto makers ,and power linesmen,aerospace just to mention a few….doubters in time WILL be proven wrong…it works, plain and simple

  14. It is wonderful to see this open discussion.

    I don’t know if “free energy from magnets” will ever be a practical alternative form of power. This I do know: The Newtonian physics that many of the detractors to this idea use in their derision – has taken several huge hits over the last 10 years. “Classical” physics left too many puzzles unsolved.

    Many of the ideas being taught to my grandson as a sophomore in high school, today, are flat out null and void. Sadly, my granddaughter, studying medicine at university, suffers from the same problem. Fact is we’re all suffering because of the ignorance and arrogance of those who have a vested interest in maintaining the status quo until they can figure out how to capitalize upon the new understandings of OUR laws of nature.

    I learned, in the first round of seeking energy “alternatives”, back in the 60’s that there are NO energy alternatives. There is E=mc2 and E=lf. Those two equations mean that EVERYTHING is energy. Even what, to our perceptions, includes “empty” space. I don’t know if you’ve noticed or not, but there’s quite a lot of it. “Empty” space.

    You cannot create energy. You cannot destroy energy. You can only TRANSFORM energy. And that is the work of these brave young pioneers studying the power of magnetic energy.

    Turns out that some of our most highly regarded pioneers in this “energy study” made some truly foolish decisions, “back in the day”, regarding the findings of some of their predecessors. They decided that because they couldn’t measure certain forms of energy, at the time, it didn’t really count. Schrodinger, Einstein and Tesla, to name a few, came to disagree vehemently. From these disagreements was born Quantum Physics. In time, we will all be grateful for these “outside the box” thinkers.

    We live in a BIG universe. I believe that converting enough energy, for our feeble purposes, will turn out to be child’s play. I think that is exactly what terrifies some of the forces that control the present world. The real problem is: can we be vigilant enough to understand and protect OUR laws of nature from being usurped by governments, religions and the empire building corporations?

  15. 1500 years ago everyone knew the earth was the center of the universe. 500 years ago everyone knew the earth was flat. Currently you know that free energy is impossible. Just imagine what you will know tomorrow!

    Magnets have an energy associated with them. Whether it is stored or drawn from the atmosphere is irrelevant. It exists. Because it exists it can be harnessed and used to do work.

  16. Hi all,

    this site is called “green optimistic” and this is the best attitude for the search of solutions for the planet`s crisis. Just imagine a magnetic power gen set in any house (at a cost of about 2500- 5000 $ or less if a design can be produced in thousands of units a day). And one may still sell not used excess energy to the grid if it is close. Imagine no more HV power lines crossing our landscape with ugly towers. And imagine cheap gov. credits to buy such gen sets- so anybody can afford one. Especially for countries with most houses off-grid like in the country where I live (Peru), this will be a tremendous benefit.
    All hydroelectric power plants we have in our region San Martin are running dry due to climate change with several months without rain- and adding total deforestation of the watersheds where such turbines work is worsening hydropower production even more. We have now mains shortage in summer time in our “rainforest ecosystem”. You can run out off water in rainforest?? Yes, here you can see this happen! So we need another energy source for the future. We have residual petroleum generators with all their high costs and a lot of pollution and this system must be discarded as soon as possible. Natural gas is still too far from us, Solar does not work well because of cloud cover, wind is not steady enough to be a reliable source. Geothermal would be possible- but creating earthquakes by using this power in our quake zone is perhaps not a good idea. Maybe the Basel geothermal incident was a singular case- but the possibility to create quakes with geothermal plants exist. So I wait until somebody out there comes up with a true “cheap energy” magnetic gen set.

    Besides, I am working with Jatropha curcas plants at a Gov institution to replace our fossil fuel with renewable fuel (I want to drive my car with this green diesel as soon as possible). If planted and managed well, those arid land bushes (Spruce genus) can grow on soils not used for agriculture and cause no harm to high biodiversity rainforest like the oil palm monocultures do here and worldwide (which should be banned as a Biofuel crop). (If you suffer from Arthritis or joint pain- try some Jatropha oil- rub it into the skin and you will feel the difference. This oil is a lot more than a mere biofuel and the Inkas knew this.

    The same severe lack of knowledge we experience with magnets exists with simple water (H2O). See all the gear offered now to run your car on water- or improve gas mileage (true or fake). Very interesting devices are the ultrasound cavitation units or the pulsed DC generators to crack water into its molecules in another way. Newest Mosfet power switching devices for car applications (12V DC to 100 VDC) are available recently (IR) to build better DC pulse generators. This branch will come up with new designs and improved efficiency soon. If you experiment in the field of water cracking, take always into account to experiment with resonance of the circuits with internal resonance of water molecules or its molecule aggregations.
    For the first time, the existence of LIVING WATER could be demonstrated and compared to normal (dead) water with magnetic resonace instruments. This water is sold on Internet as alimentation add- but at an exorbitant price! Produced with electro (magnetic) vortex technology! Water and magnets coming together? Here we walk once more at the frontier of science.

    The great advantage of Internet today is that everybody can participate in creating new technology- imagine Internet would have existed at Nikola Teslas time! Where we would be today? Light years ahead!
    Worldwide, more “illuminated” people like Nikola Tesla may exist and are able now to share their ideas with the world community. The changes our planet endures are TOO fast for nature to compensate- so we loose valuable species and whole ecosystems may overturn- see the oceans for example and indicator organisms like coral reefs. What do we leave to our children? A dying planet? How can I die in peace, knowing what will await my son and daughter? No water, food poisoned and rare, air polluted and hot and so on? So go and experiment, don`t give up, think out of the box, go new ways, use new materials or make new materials. And communicate any progress or even the failures on Internet. From failed experiments one can learn a lot- so do not give up- ask friends on the web or Pro’s out there to resolve the problems. There are always several ways to go from point A to B. And do not critisize hard experimenters on the internet because they did not had the luck and cash to study at good universities or get several PhD degrees. They may come up with the solution by hazard- as it happened many times in human history. If we help each other with advice, together we will overcome the problems. Be always optimistic! (this is the difficult part for me, suffering so many times from Murphy’s Law and seeing our extremely rich country struggling so hard to progress, while the politicians put any brake in the way they can imagine and dump all progress after every new election.
    So luck to all experimenters- we will find the solutions to save our planet if we all work together.

  17. highly interesting – despite that I know nothing about the technical aspects. Just stumbled on to this here doing my research for content on a EV website. Because am also frustrated with the BIG3 again feverishly working on to corner the market for electric cars. Since they are monster [as in big] companies, it doesn’t go as fast as they’d like to shove it on the market. On the other hand – the time-span is well used by them to get rid of the guzzlers, the interim hybrids – all the while still enormously profiting despite the economy.
    Powering EV’s is a great concern/interest to me of course, ergo my research if I possibly could find some hidden needle in the haystack –
    am always learning – so I’ll return here often to read what much knowledgable people have to say. :):):)

  18. Evening Mr. Rainer,my compliments for your moderating approach and obvious background knowledge. I rally see need for good intentioned guidance for/ from people who want to change presently established technology. Today I see very dense fog around us, with many intentionally placed obstacles on any step you take. Only two decades ago to block progress it was sufficient to buy out somebody invention, or, if uncooperative there is always possibility for some car or other incident. But with arrival of internet and fast spread of news and knowledge, system has changed. Today instead of old approach there is more subtile, more refined system on scene; half truth, partial information slightly changed or deviated repeated many times in many slightly different ways so you finally give up convinced by your own experience, that it doesn’t work, it is not possible to work, I was taled so, all the known physic laws are against it, so we give up. There are so many disappointed people who need help and push to retry again this time in right direction. Truth and good intentions can usually be recognized and appreciated.
    I would also like to invite bitter and disappointed people who can’t see somebody else to succeed because they failed to retry once more with slightly different approach, and again, don’t discourage others.
    It was not my intention to open up a new thread of discussion on conspiracy theory again, but merely to point out what is, I think, Mr. Rainer trying to do and I wanted to thank him.
    I, personally, would like to se somebody to succeed and share his success with everybody else, spread knowledge on as many places on internet as contemporary possible to prevent possibility to be shut down or misinterpreted in hear – say manner. I would suggest places as Panacea University, peswiki.com, greenoptimistic.com, and other, friends, forums etc. because this is the only way how to change today’s world and make it better place to live, for us and specially our children.
    At this moment society find itself in dead end without possibility to change without our help. Maybe is going to sound utopic but with cheep or free energy, need for today war conflicts will probably se the end, it will be possible to produce chipper food, utility bills much, much lower, drive cars for pennies etc. Of course we still would need to work, there will be still rich and poor, but we will have another possibility to improve ourselves and mankind to survive without destroying everything else around.
    I would like your opinion what technology is the most promising direction to obtain what we are seeking for.

  19. Hi Mark, there is a lot of fake stuff and confusion on the Internet- uff now the Australians are also questionable. Yes, independent testing is necessary in any case. Ref. confusion: many people try to sell simply improved electric generators with permanent magnets involved in the design: the plans you get on the internet refer mostly to this type of devices which are no FREE energy machines!! To get on electric energy from magnets, there must be always COILS and a magnetic field crossing them. Making highly efficient electric motors and generators with high power magnets is easy: there are today many very good software packages on the market to make those designs and they even simulate the rotation, thermal load, and magnetic fields of a generator or motor design (www.infolytica.com and others). Many of those programs are used today with great success to make more efficient wind turbines. Ok, once you have a highly efficient generator you must TURN the axle to get electricity, so another device is necessary to do this work. Here, the Russian Permanent Magnet rotor with the outer magnets located like car brake shoes might be the solution to turn the axle. But one must check if both components work together: if load is applied to the PM rotor, than it might suffer from the braking force according to the electric load drained from the coupled gen set- and this braking force might influence badly the performance of the magnetic rotor or even stop it. Ok, one can mount flywheels on the axle etc. or electronic thyristor devices coupled to a constant resistive load like we use it in Micro-hydroturbine load control. But I think to get really cheap energy from magnets will be in this combination of a high efficiency PM AC or DC generator and a magnetic rotor device that drives it. And what is known about this secretive Swiss community (Methionists??)which make their energy with a mysterious PM(?) genset since years? Or run they a private Nuke power plant?
    I recommend to all experimenters to get trained on the design software for permanent magnetic devices to come up faster and better with functioning devices.

  20. Re Australian over unity magnetic generator on u tube
    The clip is an old sky clip which claimed that the unit was to be sent to a local university for testing,I have been in touch with that universaty who know all about this device,the inventors refused to allow independent testing — what a surprise!


  21. Hi Rainer,

    Thanks, that people like you are in this world. Well as you have correctly told, the push of the magnetic repulsion and the pull of the attraction explains it all. It is a moving energy, or a energy which helps movement. It can be applied to any device which supports these forces and a movement can be generated. The skeptics see the power from magnet, but I would suggest them to concentrate on the forces of magnets and apply it to movement. The movement is successfull, and it says it all. I have seen lot of people who are skeptical, there is no reason for being skeptical. If you can rotate anything with the help of magnet, then how energy is not possible. I do not understand. For conversions we can apply AC/DC converter. We can apply hardware for overload and underload protection, which are readily available in the market. It is difficult, but not impossible. Any engineer can do it. I suppose. once the drive is ready.

  22. Carlos Fernandes, yes, I think magnetic generators are completely possible. The critics of them refer usually to the physical laws that say they are not possible. But those laws refer to CLOSED SPACES- magnetism and gravity is working in open spaces as wide as our universe- and our scholar physics laws do not work well in those dimensions: even Einstein´s threories are seen with problems now. The key is also to find and mix the right magnetic resources (rare earths, neodymium and others) and use nanotecnology to make the mixes and build “memory” into them. Remember we can implant “memory” in steel wires and plastic material- and soon we should be able to install “switchable memory” also into magnetic materials (best real working example: the “lost” Astronaut magnetic boots). Imagine a permanent magnetic material mix where you can switch on and off each magnet or invert its polarity like you want with a small DC current!
    Another difficult problem is the correct alignment of the magnets to balance the push- and pull forces and offset them precisely to generate the spin necessary to start rotating (the help of some coils and a battery is shown on some videos to get the array starting up). Here, try and error work is necessary and continued by thousands of people wanting to harness those free available forces. I’ve seen now well made rotors with magnets fixed in nylon or other resins to be able to rotate at high speeds without dangerous desintegration- a good starting point. But the electronic regulations of speed, overspeed and correct output- power frequency of the magnetic generators must be developped parallel to the precise mechanical design of the rotating magnet units.(I hope that the Australian guys are on the track doing this correctly). What I also observe is that the experimental magnetic generators shown on Internet are seldom made with high precision (most experimental setup with inadequate materials like wood etc., machined with hobby tools and axles or masses rotating off center). Such things must be improved in rotating magnet units which should produce electricity. Look in a motorcycle engine: two rotating permanent magnets run over precisely distanced tiny coils to produce all the power to run the spark plug, charge the battery, do precise ignition at all speeds, and produce power for all DC lights of the vehicle! Taking the combustion engine away and replace it with a rotating magnet device should be easy (this seems to come soon from Japan or Korea). I saw also that one magnetic generator must be aligned with earth’s magnetic field north pole to be able to start up: the same is necessary for the GEET (Paul Pantone) universal fuel carburators (so we are coming closer each day to understand magnetism). I believe that magnetism and gravity are waves with certain frequencies which penetrate all things. And history tells us, that with waves one can do a lot of things! For me, the greatest genius in our times was without any doubt Nikola Tesla who worked in this borderfield of electricity and magnetism: without him, we would not sit on our computer provided with AC energy over the mains lines! The powerful magnets we can buy today can also improve considerably electric motors neeeded for our coming electric cars, tools, etc. and their application in medical science is just at the beginning. As a biologist I had to learn in my life that you never should say: this is impossible or it cannot be! Nature always surprises us and shows that there is an exception for every “rule” we set up. If you see the pictures of the Hubble space telescope: what do we really know about the universe or the world we live in? It is a primary need that any scientist or person is open minded and never should forget to keep the most ample view of things happening around him. Today, science is canned and railed in too many narrow tracks with own (often imperfect) laws- and one can loose easy the connections and overview. See the Russian scientists pleading urgently for a complete rethinking and renewal of physics! And they are totally right: too many things do not fit now in our “old laws”. See this magnetic generator set up in the East, generating strangest effects in the surrounding space: cold air spheres around the machine lined up in a wave pattern with hotter air spheres and so on, penetrating floors and roofs. Tesla was on the right track until they stopped him dead, cutting him off cash. We need people experimenting with magnetism, Tesla fields, and scalar waves- the solution is out there and I feel we are very close- free energy is only a grip away. Magnetic generators will be in any case superior to wind power and solar panels, which depend always on the climate and daytime and need expensive storage in batteries, expensive inverters and thick DC cables. Keep on trying to get the magnetic generators running! Over Unity devices exist- and the only question is how efficient they can be made. Anything is valid if it lowers or replaces the electricity bill each month!

    • You do realise that Magnetic Energy from a magnetic device will work almost exactly the same as a wind turbine? The only difference is it’s magnets powering the rod that spins the alternator rather than wind spinning the rod? An Over unity device is just an alternator that can supply more power than the motor needs turning X into X^2 or X^3 etc. I am a poor man, no funding no anything, homeless, jobless, and shunned by nearly everyone in my family because ever since a young child I mentioned how I remember things from past lives. I eventually stopped mentioning it when I noticed how everyone grew to resent me. I remember nearly everything from Tesla, as well. I even remember how his niece was the only person to listen to him after all the hate and slander from the big wigs that shut him down. I am my own individual but energy merely changes form, a memory is merely an electric current as well, and thus I am able to access everything. I see where this world is heading and there is no fixing it, even if I make the devices again. It had to be done back when Tesla was alive to have been of any use. Humans had already cleared out so many forests and things, had already caused massive imbalances in the circle of life.

      I task you with going and looking at a tree, then I task you with holding a picture of a lung next to that tree and for you to place down everything you were taught, everything you learned. Just as you are a living breathing creature so is the planet and everything around us, everything is energy and energy is life. The inventions came back then because it was the only way to prevent the imbalances from crippling the ecosystem. The moment they were thrown aside was the moment the nail was set into the coffin. One cannot take it back, only kiss the ass goodbye. If I hadn’t been mocked and shunned as a child maybe just maybe I could have developed the tech again as well as found ways of replication of CO2 to O2 like the plant but I saw no use. Humans love this life they love what they are doing to the planet and they love everything happening otherwise things wouldn’t be this way.

  23. Rainer Schulte, I’ve been looking for magnetic generator videos for a while and your comment was the best I have found so far.
    You do not discredit them although there is no concrete proof for any of them, and you actually explain some of the problems you may find in developing.
    After reading hundreds of posts and replies I find that there are two kinds of people. The ones that blindly believe in physics and what their professors teach them, and see no possible way to work this. And those that don’t know what they are talking about but deeply believe that it is possible, maybe because they just want a better world.
    You are a third kind. You do understand some of it and believe it is possible 🙂

  24. Magnetic generators will be the solution for world wide off-grid power generation, especially in rural areas and independent from sunshine or wind. I’ve researched the internet and there is not one equipment offered at date for purchase- and given the high number of fake videos and scam in this branch I would be very careful to buy a thing that is not 100 % tested and approved. Also, getting magnets spinning around in a rotor design is one thing and powering a household or a farm is another: Remember we need sine wave cycled AC to run our powertools or anything in a house. 60 cycles or 50 cycles (Hz) is the standard. Having a spinning magnetic generator at 4000 rpm does not resolve the power supply problem. As I see, the magnetic generators need an electronic rpm control, an overspeed shut down or brake and other stuff like frequency stabilizers, fast fuses etc. Designing a safe home generator with magnets will be quite a quest. Usually, economic diesel or gas engine generators turn with 1500 to 1800 rpm to provide the correct cycles (50 or 60 Hz) and if the load enters, they tend to slow down in rpm- while magnetic generators may speed up to compensate the load. If you speed up a diesel/gas gen set, the cycles are going up and your appliances get damaged by overload.There are good electronic AVR control devices easy to build if we can get the correct rpm for the AC generator. Ok, if we have rotating magnets, we can provide coils so that AC can be generated directly- but at the speeds those devices turn, the voltage might be too high and all needs conversion and regulation. If the magnet generator produces DC output- then we have the problem to convert it to AC with additional inverters-like the solar panel problem.
    If there are commercial moves out there, the Magentic Generators should be made in the following classes: 1 KW portable, 2.5 KW portable, 8 KW stationary, 12 KW and 20 KW (both stationary). A household would run on 12 KW in a city, in rural areas 8 KW will be ok. The most positive side of those generators will be the lack of expensive transmission lines (which are usually stolen in our country), their silent operation and little moving parts.

    Luck to all the guys out there experimenting with magnet gen sets. There are few things which can`t be explainecd with conventional science- and one of those elements are MAGNETS! (and WATER- but this is another story).

  25. Magnetic energy is there. I do beleive in it. I beleive in the videos as well. I have viewed 100’s I am planning to build one. I have already ordered magnets. It is not bull shit. If the skeptics feel that they have learned physics, that does not mean that the one they learned is final and nothing is beyond that. It is man made physics. All the physics was born by invention. Treat this as new invention. It does not require a professor to tell that magnet forces are stronger than earth gravity. Even a idiot will understand it after seeing it. This idea is suppressed by the governments. They want to make more money and do not want people to know about it. If everyone start using free energy, who will come to them. all their money earning potential is gone. This government is a bug. it will squeeze your blood out of your veins until you die, and get themselves energetic by that blood. Tell me a day on which the government was able to do something for the people of this world. It is only we people are doing things, a common man like you and me. They are just donkeys sitting over the chair and watching, and waiting for the next lot of money flowing in. if we start fighting like this, who will support for a common man ? but remember only a common man will support a common man, not a skeptic. I hope I am done.

  26. I don’t think the original poster is trying to sell the generator, it’s plain that he was researching the technology. I see him saying the company is ready to market their 15Ton generator, not the poster trying to sell one. Keep an open mind, the power in magnets is really quite amazing. The atomic forces involved in the attraction and repulsion at an electron level are only in their infancy (scholars studied and hypothesizes about the atom for 2000 years, and we’ve had nuclear technology for less than 100). The energy is there, you are using it. Think of it as a possible new branch of physics as opposed to rewriting the old physics. Think of it as Magnetic Potential Energy if you will. Gravity has a potential energy, chemicals have a potential energy. Just because it hasn’t been explored, doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. And as for mr. stock traders don’t care, a stock trader does care if he induces a market crash. Hush money is a reality in global commerce. We’ve been able to produce engines that run on water, cars on batteries, and funny how the patents are owned by the oil companies. Bankrupting big oil would induce a global economic crisis on levels that would leave that stock trader bankrupt too. Don’t bite the hand that feeds comes to mind here.

  27. is this not a complete scam
    u have no address , no telphone number to contact u about your invention,and not one piece of this magnetic power generator for sale anywhere in the world,all you want is to sell book and plan on how to make it ,think you are smart…sorry

  28. hello all! i know im no scientist.. I am very far away from that, but still i have this dream of finding out a method to generate free energy out of the magnetic field that the earth provides us… A few years ago i´ve tried it… But no sucess, ive even followed some examples posted on youtube but some of them ended up to be fake… Well there was one method tough that left me amazed. Some guy used a speaker magnet and a wheel wich was balanced to return infinite cycles wich caused the so called perpetual movement… That theory looks perfect to me…yet it needs perfectioning…! I´m trying to develop my own method without any math… I hope i get lucky though…! Regards to all and… Good luck (trying to) saving what is ours…!

  29. It does work. I’m from East Africa, and we really have a power supply problem here. I happened to see this ebook, and i bought it. Now long story short, i had nothing to loose, because if it was crap, i would have got my money back. But, with patience, trail and error, it did work. Today i have my neighbours have no power from the mains, but i dont need power from the mains anymore!Now although the cost can run into 100’s of US Dollars, which is very steep in my part of the world, my neighbours and many others from the community, are slowly, getting into this.
    Now all we need is water, seeds and fertilizer. Any suggestions on those? I’ve heard people talk of making water from the air? After this experience, i’m ready to part with money, to learn that as well! I made a lens, you can see the details and buy there, its http://www.squidoo.com/free-magnet-energy. I will profit, but rest assured your money will not be squandered on alcohol or likewise, we have alot to do here with the little we have.

  30. In reply to my friend daniel , magnetic energy can b extracted as Mr. James watt got an idea to power a machine using pressurized Steam then why we can’t run a machine using pure magnets Its possible as we can make an engine controlling steam
    Though a value and same thing we have to do here, we have control
    The flow of magnetic flux using deflecting magnetic shield,but
    As if now there is no such material available may be in future
    We may come up with such a shield to block magnetic field
    So very soon you will see a car, UAV or trains with unlimited mileage.

    No one thought of making a machine with steam power until 16th century So may be this a time for magnet powered motor or engines.

  31. hey dears donot think about megnat energey, i made a machine that donot need to fuel, gas, mechanical power nothing just u can produce energey about free, it work with fart

    so will i get nobel prize

  32. To be or not to be! (Hamlet)
    What is with this ad?: “EBM 720 – Free Magnetic Energy Power Plant – for Sale”. I said that I want. Why did not I answer?!

  33. hello
    i think all magnetic generator is scam because same all process ;he claim he work and show video and when you ask him for buy is impossible protect business and no have time for begin sell only for inventor for 25MILLION$; yes only ;stop this youtube fraud , tell me the website where i can buy it or show me where i have it i buy

  34. I wount 1. theres a guy in alstala thats saposably “has one up and running” running his hole home. at a cost of about $5000. per unit? I hope it’s true and hits the market soon. 🙂

  35. Ok you keep thinking it is imposable, and we’ll keep looking in to it. But when we’re thell the power company where to stick it, and you’re still being rapped. Don’t be cring to us. 🙂

  36. To tell you the truth, it’s not that I would not love the cash, but if I did develop a free energy product I would paste it everywhere on the internet that I could. It is obvious that there is way to much interest and money involved to actually try to edge my way or any of yours into a place where we have never been nor ever will be. Give it away for free to everyone and you will cripple those that have always had the power.

  37. This is being done. Built one that does 100 watts. Will fine tune it for more. I’m not interested in selling or leasing it. I’m going to build energy farms and sell the energy.

  38. Give me a break, investors only care about risks and profits. They don’t give a damn those oil companies go bankruptcy. They don’t care the job cut in oil related industries. They will find a way to make money out of their money one way or the other. Future is not important, if they can’t make more money now, they don’t have to money to make even more in the future.

  39. It’s also sad that you can’t prove anything you say here. Because the world’s economy is so hooked with generating money from anything, including energy, nobody with a notable fortune is interested in developing something that would bring them “poverty” on the long run (or, at least, not so much profit). As long as wars exist just for drilling oil, such free energy devices won’t exist to the general public, just to those who look for them or experiment themselves.

  40. I think some courses on basic physics would be more productive than watching internet videos when you’re still grappling with the difference between inertia and gravity. Please stop pretending to know what you’re talking about, it just confuses people. If these “free” energy machines existed companies would sell them and they would be very rich. They are not actually for sale because they don’t work as advertised. And the notion of “excess” energy resulting from the machine producing more power than it consumes is false, it doesn’t happen.

  41. To the person insinuating that inertia would make the machine inefficient:

    Magnetism is much stronger than gravity. It’s very obvious, too. When you pick up giant pieces of metal with a magnet, its because the magnet is stronger than gravity.

    And as a matter of fact, the magnetic field can produce movement, cycles. Im shocked that we haven’t yet harnessed magnetic energy. Magnetic energy is exerted, but a strong magnet keeps its energy for a LOOOONG time. no fuel needed, and magnets aren’t in short supply.

  42. I hate to dampen the enthusiasm of a gas fume using motor as mentioned, but in 1968 whilst working for a Ford main dealer in London, i read about about an engineer working for Ford factory who designed such an engine. Needless to say , we never heard any more from him or his invention.Just out of interest, the Austin 850cc Mini was reputed to obtain 55mpg with a single barrel carb top speed 85mph .So whats the big deal about car mpg today? Sincerely Norman Leigh

  43. It isn’t senseless. I have created my own magnetic generator, it does produce free energy, you just have to understand magnets.

  44. To Thinker… Inertia will not stop it because it is a self sufficient machine. if i understand what the video said is that it produces 40% more energy than it needs to run. I dont think it is going to work as a conduit for “The energy that surrounds us all” because we do not have an understanding of the energy that surrounds us all. Also i dont think they are changing the molecular structure of the magnet. I think they are using the magnet to create kinetic energy then looping it back through to power the machine and burning off the excess. I for one would be very very happy if we could see this powering nations before we die. Nuclear Energy is “Safe” now but there is still waste. granted we have enough oil to last for 100 years or more but what then???? We need answers now for the problems of the future.

  45. Nikola Tesla performed an experiment decades ago that apparently tapped into the magnetic energy field that envelopes the Earth.

    Permanent magnets are created by jolting a piece of metal with a high charge of electricity, realigning the internal structure of the metal so that becomes a magnet. Permanent magnets have remained “permanent” for many, many years, far beyond the time when that first jolt hit them and you’d expect them to have used up that initial charge.

    Could it be that changing the molecular structure of the magnet allows it to then be a conduit for the energy surrounding us all?

  46. eventuALLY enursa will will stop it, its part of gravity,it WORKS producing energy…. heres the answer if you could equal gravity then it would work until the parts fail,
    lets keep THINKING we’re close

  47. Don’t say something until you’ve tried it. Fraud is when someone has a financial or material interest claiming something false to get that. Nobody’s asking anything here, those inventors are just telling what they thought and/or discovered by their own experiment. I haven’t tried all of them, but I believe zero point energy exists and there isn’t any interest to fool me… it couldn’t be… think.


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