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Rumour: BMW to Make Full Electric Car by 2012


It is said that BMW has plans for making full electric vehicles, as new Californian laws force the cars manufacturers to have a significant electric vehicles offer for the market beginning with 2012. They plan to make Li-Ion powered car, with two seats (90% of the time only one is used in practice). The car will have an autonomy of at least 200 miles. BMW already has a tiny car model, Isetta, and rumours are that they will be producing the new electric car based on this one. Other news sources say that it will be co-branded with Smart.

Omolody, from Flickr, has already made some pictured predictions of how the new Isetta might look. One of them is shown above.


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  1. The, “Isetta,” was a , rugged, durable, little vehicle. It originally sold for approximately, $550.00. Unfortunately, it never caught on because of it only having one door in the front of the vehicle making it very dangerous if the vehicle got hit in the front. The driver was trapped. Although, from what I remember some or most vehicles had a sun roof where you could also exit if necessary. These vehicles are still around, and I’m considering purchasing a new one in 2010, providing they don’t go crazy with the price. I had a friend that owned one, and we used to have a lot of fun buzzing the neighborhood. It handled like a baby carriage. I can’t wait until they go into production. With today’s economy, they should catch on this time…


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