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McLaren P1 Hybrid Supercar Concept at Geneva Motor Show

McLaren P1 Hybrid Supercar Concept
McLaren P1 Hybrid Supercar Concept

The McLaren P1 is a plug-in hybrid electric supercar concept and McLaren’s answer to the Ferrari F150 at the Geneva Motor Show.

Hybrid vehicles may have gotten their start with the fuel-sipping and not-particularly-sporty Toyota Prius and Honda Insight hybrid electric vehicles, but they haven’t stayed that way. Electrified vehicles have been getting bigger and more powerful, including full-size trucks and even supercars like the hybrid Ferrari “F150” concept. We won’t have to wait long to see it, as Ferrari will be unveiling it in all its power and glory at the Geneva Motor Show.

The McLaren P1 hybrid has an electric-only range of only about six miles, but then, this isn’t really about the merits of fuel efficiency. The twin-turbo 3.8ℓ V8, rated at 727hp, and electric motor, rated at 176hp, max out the hybrid P1’s output at 903hp and over 700lb•ft of torque. In order to protect the transmission and driveline, though, torque is capped at 664lb•ft.

The body and aerodynamics of the McLaren P1 hybrid supercar concept have been honed from their experience on the track, including weight-saving carbon fiber monocoque chassis and an active spoiler to reduce drag. On the hybrid side, McLaren’s battery is touted to be the most energy-dense battery available, just 212 pounds. It may not be the fastest, nor the most powerful, but will certainly be a “driver’s car.”


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