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Mercedes-Benz’s Ener-G-Force Powered by Hydrogen Fuel Cells


The 2012 Los Angeles Auto Show brought some great new concepts this year. One of them is the Mercedes-Benz Ener-G-Force. Big and bully, like the oversized Hummers, the G-Force only looks like a notorious SUV. This model is equipped with fuel cells, whose only emission is water. Following the lines of the G-class models, back from 1979, the G-Force prototype has a real classy design.

With the G-Force, Mercedes-Benz implemented the elegance of the G-class into a futuristic off-road vehicle that runs entirely on green fuel. The original idea of the automobile designers was to design a Highway Patrol car, for the year 2025, and it entered the competition at the Los Angeles Design Challenge 2012. After seeing the results of the project, Mercedes-Benz decided upon building a civilian prototype of this vehicle.

Styling, aerodynamics and elements of design are taken from the early G-class models, but with the engine there was no copying. The G-Force has water tanks mounted on the roof. The water is transferred to the hydro-tech converter, where water is split into hydrogen and oxygen, of which the first is used by the fuel cells.

This Mercedes-Benz prototype can easily go on for 500 miles on a charge and the emission is pure water. The pulling power is delivered by four in-wheel motors. Also for conserving the energy, there are battery packs that store the remaining resources. The side skirts, which have illumination stripes, are indicating the charging of the batteries, and the operating of the G-Force vehicle.

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