Mercedes-Benz Tests New EQC SUV In Spain

Mercedes-Benz EQCMercedes-Benz is planning to reveal their first fully electric SUV next year. They do not want Tesla and Porsche to lead in that category, and to lose the huge marketing opportunity.

Therefore, they have conducted another test of their new EV this week in Almeria, Spain. The point of that test was to see how the car will behave on extremely hot weather, and to raise the interest in their new product by giving us another opportunity to look at it.

Here’s everything we know by now: this car will be a part of their Mercedes-Benz EQC sub-brand, which will be manufactured in France. The cars will target the European Market, which is home to plenty of wealthy and very populated cities with plans to ban the traditional internal combustion cars in the near future. Therefore, if Mercedes doesn’t want to lose that market, it is time to present something that will compete on that field.

Talking about the car itself, it looks like it will have a huge sunroof and big rims. This is not strange, since Mercedes customers have changed a lot lately. According to Cleantechnica, they appreciate big light-up emblem on the grill more than quality and solid engineering.

What do you think about Mercedes’ next electric car? Will they be able to compete with Tesla model X?  Do you think that Mercedes will start to produce more fully electrical models? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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