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New Hydrogen-Powered Mercedes B-Class Shows Off Cloaking Technology on German Streets


The revolutionary thing about fuel-cell vehicles is that their fuel has little to no impact on the environment. So who could find a better way of showing that than by actually making them look invisible?

Since the F-Cell vehicle emits only water instead of polluting emissions, the Mercedes-Benz company went for a wow-effect with the cloaking technology and sent it around for a week in Germany.

To make the car invisible, engineers covered it with LED-embedded mats on one side and placed cameras on the other side. What these cameras registered was then shown on the LED mats, so the car seemed invisible to people on sidewalks.

This was great publicity for the B-Class F-Cell, because if people get the idea of how benign hydrogen is to the environment, then they would want to reconsider their options the next time they’ll be out shopping for a new car.

With a sleek look and 190 miles driving range, what remains to the F-Cell is to make sure it gets its hydrogen from a renewable source (sun, wind or biogas), to avoid indirect pollution. So, why not go “invisible ?”

[via CNet]

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