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Mercedes Releasing Fuel Cell Powered B-Klasse, Pessimistic About Diesel Future



Mercedes is one of the world’s greatest authorities in car luxury, quality and price. Recently, Thomas Weber, Head of R&D at Mercedes, said that the upcoming Euro 6 is expected to skyrocket the prices of diesel cars. This is because the automakers are forced to use expensive technology in making the new fine injectors and filters, and this is going to be felt in the customers’ pockets.

On the other hand, Mercedes soon released a fuel cell-powered B-Class. It’s a small four-door one-box car made for city driving, as they named it: “first electric car fully suited for everyday driving and with the driving dynamics of a two-liter petrol car.”

The Mercedes F-cell will soon enough be the main adversary of Toyota’s Prius, because it travels only on hydrogen, that can be obtained through B-Klasse F-Cellclean processes, from renewable energy sources, and doesn’t even touch a bit of gas or oil (ok, perhaps for the small quantities needed in the bearings). If you’ve seen GM’s Hy-wire (tested by the Top Gear guys), then you can imagine how the F-cell’s components will be stacked together in the car’s floor, offering protection and room to the people and the expensive electronics in there.

The F-cell’s consumption makes us smile: only 3.3 l/100km (85mpg), with an autonomy of just 100km for now (the tanks are small). But even that is enough for city driving, and I wouldn’t mind stopping a few seconds every 150 km (highway driving) to fuel the thing up with hydrogen.

So basically, in other words, Mercedes is saying that their future cars will rely on hydrogen instead of diesel, which will become unbearably expensive by 2015, and we will all be passing to electric cars powered by fuel cells using hydrogen made of renewable resources. Now this is good news. The big question that any citizen asks himself: when will a hydrogen/EV fueling station open in my town?

When that happens in every town, there’s a big room open for F-cell and others from its class.

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  1. Low starting temps, high speeds, pure water emissions: the Mercedes Benz B-Class F-Cell is the real deal for fuel-cell-powered automobiles! Let’s hope MB isn’t the only company to market a full production fuel cell car. If you’re interested in fuel cells or other green technologies, check out http://www.greencollareconomy.com. It has hundreds of case studies on emerging green technology. It’s also the largest b2b green directory on the web.


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