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BMW’s Bubble Car Inspires the New Electric Microlino


microlino-ev-prototype-1BMW’s iconic Isetta bubble car inspires the next in line to join the electric vehicle family. Meet the all-electric Microlino.

Microlino is the new kid on the block, joining the the ever-so-growing family of electric vehicles. Inspired by BMW’s Isetta “bubble car”, the new and improved Microlino managed to impress quite a crowd at the Geneva Motor Show. Let’s see what made it so attractive? Here are the details.

Microlino, developed by the Swiss company Micro Mobility Systems AG, belongs to the group of small urban vehicles, also classified as L7e motorized quadricycles. To clarify this a little further, this is the category where we find the Renault Twizy, for example. The main advantages of being a member of this group is that the taxes are much lower, and there are no such strict safety standards as with any other vehicle. These, consequently, bring maintenance costs and price straight down.

Of course, this was not enough to explain why Microlino was the star of the show. In fact, there are a lot more advantages that are packed in this tiny and somehow cute-looking design. Unlike the Twizy, the direct competitor, Microlino has space for two passengers that can sit side-by-side and not feel squashed, thanks to its unique bubble-shape.

The range of the compact electric vehicle is 100km (62miles). It has a 15 kW (20hp) electric motor, and it can reach the impressive top speed of 100 km/h (62 mph). Charging is no different than that of any other electric vehicle– it simply requires a wall socket and a cable drum.

These great specifications are what attracted numerous visitors to the Geneva Motor Show. It all resulting in a great success, and 500 first orders of Microlinos, filling all the initial reservations that Micro Mobility Systems planed for.

The first lucky owners will be able to enjoy their electric bubble cars in about two years from now. The anticipated launch date should be some time in early 2018. The price for a Microlino is expected to be between €8,000 and €10,000 (US$8,950 and $11,200).
Not a bad deal, I’d say. I’ve seen bicycles that are more expensive.

Image (c) Microlino

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