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Miles XS500: Affordable, Promising Electric Car


Throughout the entire car industry it is now asked the question: who will offer the best affordable electric car, with long lasting and fast charging battery? Miles electric vehicles is about to unleash its full electric car by the end of 2009.

Their Miles XS500 sedan will be fully highway capable and will reach a speed of over 80mph. Its autonomy will be of over 120 miles. “What about the charging time?”, you’ll ask. Well, the charging time is about 4 to 6 hours and it will be done through a standard wall socket.

So you won’t be able to charge it during your meal, but there’s plenty of time during the night. The lifespan of the battery will be to about 100,000 miles, before it needs replacement.

This car is also described as very comfortable and capable of satisfying the demands of any electric car savvy or normal driver, switching to electric due to rising fuel costs or environmental reasons.

The XS500 electric car is made in China, and so are the batteries, but it’s intended for the American market in the first phase. The estimated price for the US will be somewhere between $35,000 and $39,000, plus transportation and freight costs. There hasn’t been set a concrete price for the rest of the world, but they say it will depend on many more factors than it depends in the US.

Miles Rubin, a wealthy and successful entrepreneur who has a long-standing concern for energy independence, funded Miles Electric Vehicles himself until earlier this year, when the Angeleno Group put in a $15M equity investment. Miles Electric Vehicles hasn’t been in the spotlight much, but they appear to be as likely to deliver the first affordable full-sized, freeway capable all-electric car as anyone.

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  1. Would be interested in would be its price for use in Chennai City, India and whether it is available for sale now from china


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