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Millennials Believe They Care More about the Environment Than Their Parents


MillenialsThe Millennial Generation – people born in the 1980s and 1990s who are in their teens and 20s today – say they are more interested in environmental issues that their parents’ generation.

Clinton Global Initiative and Microsoft commissioned the poll and found that 66% of millennials believe there is definite evidence the earth is getting warmer and of those, 75% believe that humans are to blame.

Half of the poll respondents believed that government and political action had the power to change the course of climate change and half said individuals can battle it on their own.

More than two-thirds of the millennials are willing to pay more for products from companies founded on sustainability.

The poll identified one paradox. While the millennial generation view themselves as more ambitious than their parents’ generation (59% to 41%), they also view themselves as less hard working (24% to 76%) than their parents’ generation.  Generally speaking, millenials are optimistic about their ability to change the ills of the world.

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