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MIT EV Project, the Hiriko Fold, Becomes Reality in Europe


Hiriko Fold MiniEVThe Hiriko Fold started out as a Massachusetts Institute of Technology [MIT] project exploring electric vehicles [EV] and urban mobility.

Spain and MIT have been collaborating on making the Hiriko a reality, and right now, the Hiriko is being field tested in Germany as part of a car-sharing program on the Deutsche Bahn, the German rail network operator.

What makes the Hiriko Fold different? For one, it’s tiny, smaller even than a Smart Fortwo. One really cool feature, which is alluded to in its name, is that it “folds,” making up just 59” length or the width of a standard parking spot.

The parking configuration makes the Hiriko Fold perfect for crowded city parking areas, and can fit three in just one parking spot. For better maneuverability, the wheels front and rear can turn up to 60°, so the Hiriko Fold can move crabways into a parking spot.

Another feature that makes the Hiriko Fold desireable, besides size, is that it is a pure EV with up to 75 miles range. It can only go up to 31 mph, but when you consider this is just a city vehicle, it isn’t meant to go that fast anyways. The Hiriko Fold won’t be marketed to individual consumers, but will be sold to governments, fleets, and car-sharing networks for around $16,000.

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