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Mitsubishi Launches M and G i-MiEV Versions for All Pocket Sizes


I didn’t actually think this would happen, but some electric car manufacturers such as Mitsubishi reduce the range of their cars by reducing battery capacity to meet consumer demands.

The Japanese car maker will soon release two new variations on the i-MiEV model: the cheaper M version and the more expensive, but more grid-independent G version.

The M version will hold 35 percent less charge than the standard i-MiEV, but will nevertheless cost less, about $23,133.

The company says this change will only affect driving range by 25 percent, because they’ve introduced a regenerative braking system that should enhance the car’s power saving capabilities and give it a total range of 120 kilometers.

The G version, on the other hand, outruns the Nissan Leaf, but will cost some 3.8 million yens, 50 more than the M version. It will feature a 180 kilometers autonomy and will also have the same regenerative braking system.

Both versions will be subsidized by the Japanese government, fact which will reduce their price down to 0.98 million yen for the M and to 2.84 million yen for the G version. Both cars will be able to provide power for the users’ homes.

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