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MoveOn Recruits “FrackingFighters” to Combat Climate Change


FrackingThe online, left-leaning, progressive organization Move On plans to recruit FrackingFighters to support anti-fracking movements across the US and will provide funding and training to 100 activists to do so. The initiative seeks to slow down the fracking boom that is anticipated to occur across the U.S. in 2014 and beyond.

MoveOn has been inspired by recent victories in Colorado and Pennsylvania that resulted in the banning of hydraulic fracturing, known as fracking, which is a process used to extract natural gas from shale rock.

The group has selected 100 local activists from 37 states who are leading opposition to some element of natural gas development, from extraction to pipelines to wastewater disposal. Each will receive a $500 support grant as well as training and networking opportunities. The goal of the program is to increase the capacity of grassroots leaders who are already driving strategic campaigns in their own communities to fight fracking.

New targets of MoveOn include Colorado, California, Texas, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and North Carolina because they have oil and gas resources or pipelines and plans for future fracking.

FrackingFighters receive a $500 grant to use for a campaign, a toolkit of materials like banners and clipboards, and training from experienced organizers.

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  1. So what. If you and your ilk can come up with a viable replacement for fossil fuel that does not: Kill millions of poor people due to fuel poverty; Is not unreliable and intermittent requiring a fossil fuel back up and new transmission lines which are harmful to the environment; Does not slaughter thousands eagles, birds and bats; Is not more toxic and detrimental to the environment than fossil fuel; Does not produce more green house gases than fossil fuel does; and does not require government subsidies to exist which attracts government corruption like a magnet please feel free to clue us all in on what you have in mind. Climate Change Is Not The Problem Fuel Poverty Is. Higher Fuel Prices = More Poor People = More Children Dying not to mention the slaughter of other living things by so called “green energy” http://youtu.be/5igyXyJKL_0

  2. The reason you can’t provide any references is because you have none. All you have to do is too compare the life expectancy of people in the third world with the life expectancy in the West. For your information poor in the third world do not have access to cheap and reliable energy from fossil fuel and are forced to burn wood for heat and cooking (just like people in the West did prior to coal). For your information, smoke from wood burning pollutes a lot more than coal does. Thus, wait for it, emits a lot more deadly toxins in the air than coal does and shortens people’s life expectancy.
    Moreover, the Coal plants in the US are very clean in comparison to coal plants in China. So while you and your ilk are protesting fracking and other fossil fuel sources here in the US, China and even Germany are converting back to coal. Why? In the case of China their drive to industrialize and raise the living standards of their enormous population is paramount above all else. In the case of Germany, their experiment with alternative energy failed and they were forced to go back to relying on coal as a source of energy. http://notrickszone.com/2014/01/15/spiegel-eu-aims-to-abandon-aggressive-climate-protection-targets-germanys-energiewende-now-at-risk/ All that money Germany spent on renewables down the toilet that could have been spent more wisely on improving the lives of their people.
    Now back to fracking. Face up to it. Germany could not make alternative energy work after dumping big bucks into it. Germany is converting back to coal. Coal, in my opinion, is a far superior source of energy compared to wind, solar, biofuel and hydro. However, natural gas is even better and cleaner source of energy which the US has a vast amount of. So what is your real end game? Do you and your ilk really what to go back to the dark ages when life was short and brutal (in other words your insane) or are you on the payroll of Saudi Oil or one of Obama’s crony green capitalists? http://greencorruption.blogspot.com/

  3. Reality disagrees with your theory. Earth to LoneWolffe Life Expectancy Dramatically Increased After the Introduction of Coal that made possible Western Industrialization. If you want to go back to the dark ages, prior to coal, life was short and brutal.

  4. orach24463_cj cheap and reliable, maybe, but dangerous in the end, definitely! your short term view of life is going to have serious long-term implications.

    would it be EASIER to mine coal? sure. how expensive will your lung cancer treatment be?

  5. Sorry I’m not seeing how you and your ilk can justify denying poor people access to cheap and reliable energy from fossil fuel when it is indisputable that High Fuel Prices = More Poor People = More children Dying http://wattsupwiththat.com/2013/03/15/james-hansens-policies-are-shafting-the-poor/
    “Let me be crystal clear, and speak directly to Hansen and other global warming alarmists. Any one of you who pushes for more expensive energy is hurting and impoverishing and killing the poor today. Whether through taxes or cap-and-trade or renewable subsidies or blocking drilling or any other way, increasing energy costs represent a highly regressive tax of the worst kind. And there is no escape at the bottom end, quite the opposite. The poorer you are, the harder it bites.
    So please, don’t give us the holier-than-thou high moral ground stance. Spare us the “we’re noble because we are saving the world” BS. When a poor single mother of three living outside Las Vegas has her gas costs double, she has little choice other than to cut out some other essential item, food or doctor visits or whatever … because her budget doesn’t have any of the non-essential items that James Hansen’s budget contains, and she needs the gas to get to work, that’s not optional.
    For her, all her money goes to essentials— so if gas costs go up, her kids get less of what they need. You’re not saving the world, far from it. You’re taking food out of kids’ mouths.
    You are causing pain and suffering to the poor and acting like your excrement has no odor … but at least there is some good news. People are no longer buying your story. People are realizing that if someone argues for expensive energy, they are anti-human, anti-development, and most of all, without compassion for the poor. They are willing to put the most damaging, regressive, destructive tax imaginable on the poorest people of the planet.
    Now those of you advocating for higher energy prices, after reading this, you might still fool the media about what you are doing to the poor. And it’s possible for you to not mention to your co-workers about the real results of your actions. And you could still deceive your friends about the question of the poor, or even your wife or husband.
    But by god, you can no longer fool yourself about it. As of now, you know that agitating for more expensive energy for any reason hurts the poor. What you do with that information is up to you … but you can’t ignore it, it will haunt you at 3 AM, and hopefully, it will make you think about the less fortunate folk of our planet and seriously reconsider your actions. Because here’s the deal. Even if CO2 will damage the poor in 50 years, hurting the poor now only makes it worse. If you think there is a problem, then look for a no-regrets solution.”
    See youtube video Frack Nation, a documentary that debunks all of your above fibs about fracking. http://www.youtube.com/user/noteviljustwrong

  6. NOT TRUE even the epa cannot find that fracking is poisoning environment. The drilling debt is far below ground water, epa regs have ensured no toxic waste from process, far less harmful to environment compared to toxic solar and eagle killing wind turbines See YouTube Frack Nation which dispells lies about fracking being harmful.

  7. orach24463_cj  Sorry, too much evidence that fracking is poisonous, dangerous, radioactive, toxic, which makes it a bad idea. Leave the stuff in the ground and find another way, a cleaner way. Green energy generates jobs. Fossil fuels kill people.


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