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Smartphone App Compares Different Heating Fuels, Saves Money and CO2


Mobile device applications were designed to make our lives better, so this is what Heating Fuel Comparison is doing these days: offering us valuable information on how to best heat our home. That is if you have an Android or an Apple device.

Developed by NDSU Extension Service, the app allows you to draw a parallel between the different fuel types and an assessment of how efficient is a heat appliance.

It’s like having your own shop assistant lodged into your pocket, explaining each appliance as you pass them in a row. It tells you what fuel source is the most cost-effective, how much you’re charged for buying the equipment and having it all delivered and installed.

Say you’re looking to pay for an electric baseboard heating and this one heats for 10 cents per kilowatt-hour, the same as it would for propane in a high-efficiency furnace at $2.48 per gallon; if the price for propane drops, then of course it makes more sense to use propane and the app is there to show you that.

The Heating Fuel Comparison does the same thing if its user has several heating appliances: it shows which is cheaper. Depending on the price, you can chose the most appropriate fuel at that time, a particularly useful thing when prices vary.

Speaking of buildings with more than one heating source, the app is smart enough to teach you how to save energy – like the common-sensed action of air-sealing and insulating the house structure. Given the money it will later on bring you, we say it’s a must-have mobile application for the green-hearted technology lover!

[via Physorg]

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