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Dyson Appliance Motors Powering Electric Car Race


Dyson, the famous British appliance company, usually manufactures vacuum cleaners, among its other products. They’re not involved in racing events of any sorts, but this time they may actually strike some people’s sensitive chords, as their 650 engineers put their minds to creating the world’s first race powered by appliance motors.

The original dragsters’ motors ranged from vacuum cleaners and other smaller electric motors, like those inside hand dryers. One of those builders you see in the video below actually drove his cart and boy did he have some acceleration with that vacuum motor!

This video actually changed my mind on how I see refurbished motors and gave me a new mentality we should all share: let’s teach our children how to build useful stuff by recycling them! One such motor could be used to power a bicycle or small cart, just for fun!

I hate it when I see gasoline engines in RC toys, they seem pointless (ok, maybe cheaper, but still smoky and pointless).

If you happen to know about more such races made out of contraptions, write in the comment section below – they’re simply amazing! We people have to stop relying on the big guys to come up with technological advancements, since we ourselves have the power to push things forward… we’re just too lazy to do it.

Watch the video:

[via autoweek]

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