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Nec's New Rapid Charger for EVs Charges Batteries in Just 30 Minutes


In partnership with Portland General Electric Co (PGE), NEC Corp will start testing a new rapid charger for electric vehicles that has been created by Takasago Ltd, a subsidiary of the company.

The charger has been installed at the headquarters of PGE, located in Portland, Oregon, where these two companies will make a demonstration by charging Nissan’s Leaf electric car.

The rapid charger has a maximum output of 50kW and is able to recharge electric vehicle batteries in just 20 to 30 minutes. Having a maximum voltage of 500V and a maximum direct current of 125A, it is based on the standard promoted by Japan’s CHAdeMO Council.

The test is part of a large-scale project called “EV Project,” that eTec, a US-based company, Nissan, and other big companies have been engaged in. They are planning to build an EV charging infrastructure throughout the entire US. For this project, the US Department of Energy has allocated about $100 million.

[Source: TechOn]

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